Windows 7 Installation Guide for Echo 210F
Echo 210F ultra-compact box PC, offers the best possible hardware specification in the market. It
supports four USB 3.0 ports. Although USB 3.0 is compatible to USB 2.0, it requires USB 3.0
driver for activation. Windows 8 has built-in USB 3.0 driver, and the user can smoothly install OS.
In Windows 7, however, USB 3.0 driver is not included and requires extra steps. This document
provides options and steps for user to install Operation System and activate USB 3.0 ports in
Windows 7 environments.
Win7 Pre-installed by CappuccinoPC
CappuccinoPC has Customer License Agreement with Microsoft and can help to
purchase and pre-install OS for all products. Along with system burn-in test, USB 3.0
driver will be installed and checked before shipping. You are welcome to include storage
device and Operation System when ordering products. Please contact sales team for
more details.
Win7 OS installation via DVD
1. Connect a USB hub to the following port and connect input devices
2. Change the following BIOS settings
Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Storage -> Legacy Only
Advanced -> USB Configuration -> XHCI Hand-off -> Disabled
Advanced -> USB Configuration -> CHCI Hand-off -> Enabled
3. Connect USB DVD driver to the USB hub.
4. Start Win7 Installation via DVD
5. When complete OS installation, install USB 3.0 driver
=> USB driver also available in Driver DVD
6. When USB driver are installed, all USB ports should work properly
** If more help is needed, please contact Technical Support.
** email:
** Phone : 631-231-1800 x112
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