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"So, where did you hide the other speakers?” The owners of L.U.C.A.S
SMART have grown accustomed to questions like this posed by incredulous
listeners. Never before has such a powerful sound come in such a petite
package. Looking for a subcompact high-performance system that one person
can tote easily and set up inconspicuously? Is it your goal to deliver impressive
presentations, or to make your appearance as a solo entertainer a memorable
experience in big, bold sound? Then L.U.C.A.S SMART is the right system for
you. L.U.C.A.S SMART distills the legendary L.U.C.A.S experience into the
miniature format.
Powered by a 250-watt digital amp (PWM), the subwoofer's 10" woofer has
proven its merits in high-end touring systems. Engineered to throw a generously
a wide, uniform pattern, the satellites offer audio resolution to rival that of
premium studio monitors—richly detailed, silky voice-reinforcement
guaranteed. And with the optional trolley, handling and transport is a piece of
cake. Even a child could tote this mighty mite. Available in June 2006.
L.U.C.A.S SMART—the world's smallest large-sounding PA.
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Technical Data
L.U.C.A.S SMART Satellite
Power-handling nominal
Frequency response +/- 3dB ***
Axial sensitivity 1W *
Maximum SPL @1m *
Nominal impedance
Midrange woofer
Tweeter/ driver
Crossover frequency
HF protection (passive)
Pole mount
Dimensions (WxHxD)
80 W RMS
100 Hz–19 kHz
97 dB
115 dB@10% THD
4 ohms
1x Speakon® NL 4
1x 6,5"
1" Dome Tweeter
80° x 50°
3 kHz, 12 dB/octave
Dyn. protection circuit
MicroTilt™, 15 mm
18,5 cm x 27,5 cm x 21,5 cm,
7-1/4" x 10-7/8" x 8-1/2"
4,5 kg/ 9.9 lbs.
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Technical Data
L.U.C.A.S SMART Subwoofer
Frequency response +/- 3dB ***
Axial sensitivity 1W@1m *
Maximum SPL @1m *
Subwoofer amplifier
Sat & Mid/High Unit amp
Active protective circuits
Dimensions (WxHxD)
43 Hz - 100 Hz
97 dB
118 dB@10% THD
1x 250 W RMS/ Class D
2x 80 W RMS
MulitBand limiter, Subsonic
2x XLR, 2x Cinch, 2x XLR
Through, 2x Cinch (RCA), 2x
Speakon® Satellite out
1x 10"
32 cm x 41 cm x 46,5 cm, 12-5/8"
x 16-1/8" x 18-3/8"
21 kg/ 46,2 lbs.
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