How to connect a device to AUBG network
Step 1. From the list with the available wireless networks, choose AUBGSetUpPPC and
click/tap Connect.
Mac OS and iOS
Windows 7
Step 2. Type the network security key 0987654321 and press OK.
Windows 7
Mac OS and iOS
Step 3. Start a browser (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are recommended), and go to
Step 4. Enter your username and password according to the example.
Faculty and staff: username@aubgin.local
Students: username@studin.aubgin.local
A few seconds after successfully signing in, you will be redirected to the
Application Form page.
Note that sometimes the process takes more time!
Step 5. Connecting a device to the AUBG network.
Note that the Application form captures the MAC address of the wireless
adapter automatically, but the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter local
area connection has to be entered manually.
Step 5.1 Connecting a device to Wi-Fi network
1) Enter Device name.
2) Choose Wi-Fi for device type and click/tap Add button
Step 5.2 Connecting a device to LAN network
1) Choose the outlet convenient for you and click Save selected outlet and room.
2) Find the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter local area connection.
2.1 To find the MAC address of your Mac OS X devise, follow these steps:
Go to System Preferences → Network → Choose Ethernet from the list of
interfaces → Click on the Advanced button → Click on the Hardware tab under
which you will see the MAC address of your Ethernet card.
2.2 To find the Mac address of a Windows 7/8 device, follow these steps:
keys simultaneously. → Type ncpa.cpl into the Run dialog box
and press ENTER → Right-click your Local Area Connection and select
Status. → Click Details and the Physical Address is your MAC Address.
3) Enter the MAC address, choose device type LAN and enter the Device name.
4) Click Add button.
IMPORTANT: With this step you completed filling the
Application form for Internet access. The Internet connection
will be available after the system is updated. Perform the next
steps after 5 PM.
How to configure a device connected to Wi-Fi network automatically
In order to configure the Wi-Fi network settings on your divece, you have to connect again to
AUBGSetupPPC network, login the form and perform the next steps.
Step 1. Click/Tap Setup your device
You will be redirected to the JoinNow wireless configuration page.
Step 2. Your device should be automatically detected (otherwise select your operating system
from the list).
Step 2.1 For Windows 7
and Mac OS or iOS users,
JoinNow button and
proceed to step 3.
Step 2.2 Android
1 From the list of available download
sources, select Local Server and tap
2 Install the downloaded apk
3 Return to the JoinNow page and tap
JoinNow button.
4 When prompted, select Open and
proceed to Step 3.
Step 3. When prompted, type in your username. (For faculty and staff:
username@aubgin.local, for students: username@studin.aubgin.local ). Enter and re-enter
your password in the next fields.
Click/Tap Next button.
The authentication process will proceed.
After the successful authentication, your
device will be automatically configured and
joined to AUBG network.
Click/tap Done to finalize the procedure.
Your device is connected to AUBG
network and is ready to be used to be used!
AUBGPrivPC - for faculty and staff,
AUBGSTUDENTS - for students.
Download PDF