Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Usage Guide
To turn the microphone on, press the power
button located under the battery flap.
The on light will display a solid red light. If the
on light is flashing, then the battery is almost
flat. Please contact the service desk on 84357
for a replacement.
The display panel on the front of the
microphone has an audio meter located along
the left hand side. This bar fills up as you speak
indicating that the microphone is receiving
If the word MUTE is displayed, the microphone mute switch has been
engaged. Toggle the mute switch off using the slide switch located at the
top of the transmitter pack.
For best audio performance and reduce variations in audio recording
volume levels, position the microphone in the centre of your body. This
will minimise audio fade when your head is turned.
Attach the microphone in such a way that you avoid cloth hitting the
microphone. This will help eliminate friction noise on your recordings
from material rubbing against the microphone.
This microphone is rechargeable and a recharge station has been installed
on the lectern.
Please return the microphone to the recharger after use to ensure
that the transmitter will be powered for subsequent users.
Place the transmitter in the cradle making sure the recharge pins are
correctly aligned. There are two recharge pins located on the right side
and on located on the left side.
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