From anywhere on the Internet, In Windows Internet Explorer

From anywhere on the Internet, In Windows Internet Explorer, navigate to:
(Do not try to use this interface from any other browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari… it will not work,
or will be flaky. Sorry MAC folks…)
Login, using your school network credentials. Make sure to include our domain BCSD and a back slash \
before your username. (a back slash \ is usually the key above the Enter key, but beware a forward
slash / is not the same thing, and will not work)
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Click on the Remote Desktop icon.
Leave it to Microsoft to display a scary security message with their own software. However, if you put a
check in the “Don’t ask me again” box, it will not appear the next time you login on the same PC you are
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Now that you have logged into the gateway which is a part of the public Internet, you will need to
connect to one of our internal servers by logging in a second time. Sorry, but this is normal. Again,
don’t forget to type in the domain BCSD\UserName format.
When you get the BCSD\ in the User name box, you will notice that the Domain is no longer blank, as
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This is another Microsoft being it’s own worse communicator with it’s own software. This is a normal
“error” message because the public gateway server can’t necessarily verify something mysterious to our
internal servers.
Again, you can get this error message to go away by checking the “Don’t ask me again” box.
A few final notes: If you browse using Internet Explorer after you have logged into a Remote Desktop
Services session, IE is configured in a special “locked down” state, and very difficult to use.
Either use Google Chrome from the START menu, or save yourself a lot of hassle and browse the
Internet from your local PC at home… You can keep the RDS session running by simply minimizing it like
you would any other software. Using <Ctrl> + C for copy and <Ctrl> + V for paste, you can copy back
and forth between the RDS session and your PC. The right click copy and paste functions which many of
you use, won’t work.
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