Are You Still Adding to Your Box of Junk Handsets?

Are You Still Adding to Your Box of Junk Handsets?
Touch Strip
I had just sold 3 Modkey phones for an add-on. I knew we had 30 new ones in
stock. I opened the boxes to make sure everything was there... and there
were NO HANDSETS in ANY of the 30 brand new phones! I went Berzerk! I
found them scratched up and broken under seats, rolling around in trunks,
laying behind the shelves in vans & piled in cardboard boxes. GREAT... The
only problem with these handsets was a bad $4 transmitter OR receiver (hardly
ever both), or a bad $2 modular jack, and we'd junked all these handsets!
NOW we fix 'em right there at the customer's desk!
Electret Transmitters:
EMS-93L (EM95-A Copy) - Silver/Saltshaker $ 4.45
LOW OUTPUT (Mitel, TIE CX-VDS-Modkey-612,
Isoetec, Vodavi, Starplus, Northern Tel & MORE)
Use this one when the Sidetone (your
voice in your own ear) sounds too hot!
EMS-93 (EM95 Copy - High Output)
$ 4.45
EM-1 & Pencil Eraser
EM99xx Sized Xmitter:
3/8" X
High Output Electret Mics:
Use these for Handsfree ICM & Speakerphones:
Carbon Transmitters:
T1 (T100) - Standard Carbon Transmitter $ 3.29
EM89-5 - Electronic Carbon Replacement with
High Quality Sound - Fixes ITT-701 Problems $14.95
EM117 - Noice Cancelling - Fits any
Handset, K-Style or G-Style!..................... $ 27.95
Dynamic Transmitters:
A Dynamic Transmitter is actually a Receiver cart being used as a Transmitter. Usually, the elements will
be the same size for transmit and receive (2 big or 2
small carts). IMPORTANT: Cut one side of the Varistor to use a receiver with a Varistor as a transmitter!
MT91 - DH26 Sized SMALL Xmitter Only..... $ 3.99
(Telrad, Paragon, Toshiba 5000-6000,
NEC, Macrotel, Prostar & MORE!)
If you use a carbon transmitter on a phone
that needs an electret, you will get VERY high NOTE: Toshiba phones in the 6000 series era
side tone. If you use an electret on a phone have a strap on the motherboard to allow you to
that needs a carbon, you will get NO transmit. use a carbon handset or headset in place of the
original dynamic. If the handsets get mixed up, you
could get really screwed up! Check those straps!
The small units are in
NEC, TIE Paragon,
Macrotel, Toshiba
5000--6000-6500 and
?, AT&T, Panasonic,
Lanier & LOTS
There are primarily
2 sizes of Receivers:
HR-91: 1 3/8" Diameter
by 3/4" High
R-8: 1 3/4" Diameter
Very Common!
by 7/8" High
DH-52 & DH-26 - Use HR91
RECEIVER SPACER to use HR-91 or DH-60 as
Large Size Receiver in Handset....... $ .99
NR85A - Mini HAC Receiver (Trendline etc.)
INCLUDES SPACER to make it full size....... $ 4.19
DH-60ESA - 35mm 300 Ohm HAC with Var.. $ 5.89
AIPHONE CTR-5 Ceramic Receiver............ $ 4.68
616-W Modular Handset Jack:
TRANSMITTER SPACER to use small MT91 as
This jack is used in 98% of the Handsets! If the
Xmitter in Handset for large Xmitter............ $ .99 phone is a wall phone, the little plastic plug reDR-904 Dynamic Transmitter/ Receiver
tainers break when the handset is dropped - so
Cartridge - Small receiver / Xmitter with a lip, a
the cord won't stay in. It's also often the cause
notch pro-truding from side and a tapered back. of static! Gotta have 'em! $1.99 ea.
Transmitter in newer NEC Set. Receiver in lots
616 & 623 Modular Jacks:
of newer sets including Panasonic, Toshiba,
NEC, etc. (100@3.20)..............................$ 3.99 We have most of the modular jacks used for
EM116 - Noise Cancelling - Fits in any
Handset K-Style or G-Style!................ $ 17.95 R-9 - NEW! Full Sized Xmitter - R-7 ReplaceEM1 - Pencil Eraser Sized with Pins (Toshiba
ment! ESP, GLX, GMX & SW Bell................. $ 8.59
6500, Comdial, Panasonic & Lots MORE) $ 3.29 IMPORTANT: If the phone has an R-7 as the Xmitter,
replace it with an R-7 or you'll have low volume!!!
These elements are used in all kinds of phones. Most R-8 - Full Sized Xmitter (Receiver too)........ $ 3.99
manufacturers are moving away from Carbon transCUT VARIST
mitters, since electrets require very little current. NOTE:
Because there is an FET (Transistor) inside electret Ceramic Receivers:
mics, they blow out from static electricity often (win- CR-5C - HAC - (NOT interchangeable w/CR-5) $ 8.99
NOTE: The Walker Poet & Marathon, Executone CX
ters are worse).
use the CR5 AND CR5C. They are NOT interchangeStatic Shocks? STOP Blowing Up able.
No way to know which one until you open it up!
Phones! Mix 50/50 Downy Fabric Softener and Water AIPHONE RECEIVER (CTR-5 for newer models) $ 5.99
in a Plant Sprayer with a nice big trigger, and spray the
carpet, chair etc. It lasts about 2 months, and stops problems with computers as well as phones. It's CHEAP!
$5.95 ea. • 3 @ $5.50 • 10 @ $4.50!
Small Size Receivers:
EM9963 - 2 WIRE Capsule (3/8" X 3/16")...... $ 5.59 HR-91 - 35mm Size HAC Receiver with Screws -Strip
EM9964 - 2 WIRE Capsule (Aprox. 1/4" by 3/16"
wire and put under screw - (100 @$3.10)... $ 3.99
Tall) Very Small with NO PINS ........................ $ 5.59 DR-904 small receiver / Xmitter with a lip, a notch proEM-44 - 3 WIRE Capsule (3/8" X 3/8")......... $ 5.59 truding from side and a tapered back(100@3.20)....$3.99
EMS-93L is the same
shape as a Carbon Transmitter, but the front is Silver instead of Black
or Gray plastic. You can see this thru the
holes in the mic end of the handset, so you
know which type of handset you've got.
EM104 - Plastic version of EMS-93L Xmitter $ 5.99
(In newer sets [after 1988?]:
TIE CX-VDS-Modkey-612, Vodavi & MORE)
This Low Output Electret has a circuit board, usually
with a yellow dot on a light gray plastic face. These
are usually dead or alive. If you have low volume, the
screen (yellow dot) may be clogged with whatever you may be able to clean it off or tear it out.
Phones Don't Shock People!
People build up a static charge in their body,
and Shock the Phone (closest thing to ground)!
Cut our self adhesive Economy Touch
Strip to fit the phone, and ground the
included wire. Problem Solved!
Standard Large
Size Receivers:
handsets and base cords in the phone. You'll
need to tell us the 616 or 623 number / letter
on the jack. For solder type jacks, call us and
we'll fax you pictures of the jacks. $1.99 ea.
NEW! Replacement for
R-7 Transmitter. Even
LOUDER than the R-7! $8.59
Northern Telecom Meridian Handset
Black, Ash or Gray - New!
NOTE: The R-8, HR91, MT91 and DH60 are
static resistant (they have a plastic face).
Modular Handset
Ivory: #XMT2R
• Work in 1A2, 2500 Sets, K & G-Style & MORE!
26¢ ea.
EM9949 Capsule (Aprox. 3/8" Diameter by
R-8 - Std. HAC Receiver (100 @ $3.10ea.).... $ 3.99 Adapter for Line
3/16" Tall) Cordless Phones etc.............$ 3.99 DR-1 - Std. HAC Receiver (100 @ $2.49ea.) $ 2.99 Cord Type Jacks!
ple ded
EM9959 Capsule (Aprox. 1/4" Diameter by
C Incl
U-3 - USED AT&T Untested HAC Rec.(100@$.60) $ .69 Make your own Couplers
3/16" Tall) Very Small with NO PINS........$ 3.99 VARISTOR - Stops clicks in Ear!.................. $ .60 for Super Long Handset Cords! Now in IVORY or BLACK!
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