Privileged Session Manager
Integrated Privileged Database Activity
Unique approach enables faster
deployment with a zero footprint
Isolate, control and monitor all privileged administrator sessions to protect
your databases, virtual environments, network devices and servers from
insider threats and external cyber attacks and provide proof to your auditors
around privileged session activity.
Continuous Monitoring Protects
Critical Servers, Databases and Virtual
Control and monitor privileged
sessions in real-time and create full
accountability for privileged users and
The Challenge
Easier Audit & Compliance
Prove that you know what was done
on your systems and easily search,
locate and alert on sensitive events
with a unified interface.
Why CyberArk?
CyberArk is the trusted expert in
stopping cyber attacks before
they stop business.
sensitive or confidential data out of curiosity,
not job function. Too many people in the
organization have uncontrolled privileged
access. At the same time, cyber attacks
have also become common occurrences
and are becoming more sophisticated,
better planned and targeted at all sectors.
These attacks may include planting viruses
on mission-critical servers, tapping into
source code, abusing sensitive consumer
data and paralyzing critical national
infrastructure. Such attacks, for the most
part, go after vulnerabilities that result
in gaining privileged access or hardcoded application passwords that can do
significant damage to an organization’s
bottom line and reputation. External
threats are increasingly penetrating the
organization and abusing privileged
accounts to cause detrimental damage.
These attacks are becoming more
sophisticated and better targeted and
therefore a preventative approach is needed
from the start.
Privileged accounts such as sysadmin, root,
Oracle system, Administrator in Hypervisor or
Windows and others are prevalent throughout
your datacenter. These privileged accounts allow
access and manipulation of all your sensitive
business information with potentially devastating
business impact. Since privileged accounts are
so powerful, they are repeatedly the target of
both internal and external attacks. How many
times have you asked yourself, who is using
these privileged accounts and what activities are
actually being performed? You may need insight
to learn what caused a disruption on one of your
production systems or view in real-time what is
happening in a privileged session. Perhaps you
also want more control over who can connect
to these accounts and ensure that third parties
who need to connect to your systems can do so
without knowing the administrator credentials?
Knowing what happened during privileged
administrator sessions means you can:
Comply with Audit Requirements
Audit requirements are going deeper
and wider and you need to prove to your
auditors that you know what was done in
a certain privileged session. Regulations
across many industries specify the need to
“track and monitor all access to network
resources”. Others refer to the ‘Four Eye
Principle’ where there is a need for an
additional person to approve or overlook a
privileged activity.
Mitigate Insider Threats & Cyber Attacks
That Severely Impact Your Business
In the 2011 Insecurity of Privileged Users
Survey issued by the Ponemon Institute,
more than 60% reported accessing
Shorten Recovery Time and Minimize
Damage Minimize forensic analysis time
by being able to monitor what happened
during a privileged session and search for
specific events that caused a disruption to
business operations.
The Solution
CyberArk’s Privileged Session Manager (PSM)
is a central point of control for protecting
target systems accessed by privileged users
and accounts. It’s a single solution that
isolates, controls and monitors all privileged
activity across the datacenter.
CyberArk’s Privileged Session Manager, part of the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, isolates, controls and monitors
privileged user access and activities to critical UNIX and Windows-based systems, databases and virtual machines.
CyberArk’s Privileged Session Manager includes: Privileged Session Manager® for Virtualization
Privileged Session Manager® for Servers
Hypervisor privileged accounts allow access to
multiple servers and are therefore more vulnerable.
Managing and monitoring privileged access to the
hypervisor becomes critical since multiple customer
organizations or business units could be at risk.
CyberArk is pioneering the risk and compliance
market with PSM for Virtualization. Every hypervisor
connection is managed, access controlled, and a
full video session recording is provided without the
need to install agents on the hypervisor or guest
images. and servers.
Isolate, control and monitor privileged access to
sensitive servers including Windows, Unix/Linux,
Mainframes (zOS), iSeries and network devices.
Provide full privileged session recording with DVR
playback, real-time viewing as well as secure
remote access to these sensitive systems using
privileged single sign-on without having to expose
credentials to end-users e.g. external vendors. PSM
for Servers can also act as a jump server solution
with the added benefit of session control and
Privileged Session Manager® for Databases
Database administrators are highly privileged –
they can view or change any piece of data in your
organization. A recent Independent Oracle User
Group survey reported that 75% of DBAs say their
organization cannot monitor them. CyberArk’s
Privileged Session Manager for Databases
introduces an easy to deploy and novel approach
to database security with zero footprint and no
impact on performance, while capturing every
operation performed by database administrators.
Deployment is dramatically faster and without risks
to production business applications in comparison
to other database activity monitoring solutions.
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Isolate Privileged Sessions for a Better
Security Posture Against Cyber Attacks
PSM creates a powerful isolation between users’
desktops and target systems separating between
potentially harmful code or malware on the desktop
and the sensitive target system, thus eliminating
the risk of malware spreading to critical systems. By
safeguarding and isolating these critical assets, as
well as knowing what happened in any privileged
session, you can avoid human errors, minimize
insider threats and prevent targeted external attacks.
Facts & Figures:
CyberArk secures 8 of the
10 largest banks in the
1 in every 3 Fortune 50
companies have selected
“One of great things about CyberArk is that its solutions act as a facilitator
for the IT department – removing lengthy and laborious processes and
replacing it with a simple, secure and effective system.”
Jethro Cornelissen,
Global Lead & Head of Global Security Operations Center, Rabobank International
Ensure Continuous Monitoring for Protection
and Compliance Without Impacting the
To meet audit and compliance requirements such
as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, Basel III and more, you
need to prove to your auditors you are controlling
privileged access to sensitive systems and provide
proof as to what was done on your target systems,
databases, virtual servers and web applications
whether in real-time or as forensic evidence.
Winner of ‘Best Identity Access
Management Solution’
Highly Commended for ‘Best
Security Product of the Year’
Increase Efficiency with Central Control and
All privileged sessions on any target system are
centrally controlled and managed based on predefined policies and workflows. Whether you need
to define session access controls, view session
recordings or monitor sensitive events across your
entire datacenter, you can do so via a single web
Shorten Time to Resolution & Minimize
Financial Consequences
By easily being able to search, locate and alert on
sensitive events, root-cause analysis can quickly be
unveiled, minimizing the potential damage to the
organization due to the security breach or human
error. Moreover, DVR recordings help you see the
complete picture of what happened in a session in
a user friendly manner rather than filter through an
exhaustive list of logs.
transactions through the monitoring solution. This
extends the deployment process as every business
application needs testing to ensure no negative
impact was caused to production systems. Since
the Privileged Session Manager focuses only on
privileged users and accounts, and requires no
installation on production servers, there is no need
for lengthy application performance tests or impact
analysis, which in turn results in dramatically faster
deployment time.
Become audit-ready and improve your security
posture with a rich set of product features, such as:
Security and Audit
ƒƒ Highly secure repository utilizing FIPS 140-2
validated cryptography for storing all audit logs
and recorded sessions
ƒƒ Proxy architecture creates an isolated and
secure environment, as opposed to potentially
vulnerable endpoint desktops, where malware
can interfere with administrative or privileged
ƒƒ Centralized audit and compliance management
through built-in audit-ready reports and self-serve
access for auditors
Be Reactive to Risky Operations
Privileged Session Access & Workflows
By monitoring a live privileged session you can
intervene or terminate privileged sessions if
suspicious activity is happening. You also gain a
real-time view to what third party vendors or internal
personnel are doing on your network without the
need to be physically next to them.
ƒƒ Enforce enterprise policies and workflows, e.g.
dual control for initiating sessions, submit a
reason in the pre-integrated ticketing system,
control the session duration time, etc.
Rapidly Deploy for Quick Time to Value
Most database activity monitoring and Hypervisor
security solutions require network topology
changes and re-routing all application and business
ƒƒ Secure HTTPS-based access allows secure
local and remote access to enterprise managed
Secure your
sensitive web
Search for privileged commands and
‘Click to Play’ from point in time
ƒƒ Enable session recording and monitoring
according to enterprise policy and end-user
roles for any type of privileged account. Personal
accounts and non-managed privileged accounts
can also be monitored by PSM
ƒƒ Privileged single sign on for initiating sessions
without the need to expose privileged
credentials to third party vendors
ƒƒ Supports a wide variety of protocols and clients
for initiating privileged sessions including
Unix, Linux and network devices (SSH, Telnet),
Windows RDP, RAdmin, Remotely Anywhere,
AS400, Mainframes, web based applications,
databases, hypervisors and virtualization
management tools
Privileged Session Recordings
ƒƒ DVR style playback of recorded privileged
sessions for event analysis and forensic review
ƒƒ Keystroke logging of SSH sessions and SQL
commands audit for Oracle sessions
ƒƒ Search for privileged events with ‘point in time’
viewing within a session recording
ƒƒ Single server supports over 100 concurrent
session recordings stored in highly compressed
format Highly scalable with load balancing/high
ƒƒ Privacy regulation support allowing on-screen
user notification when a session is being
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View live privileged sessions with the
ability to interact or terminate the
Enterprise Readiness
ƒƒ Integration with the CyberArk Shared Technology
Platform delivers scalability, high availability and
centralized management and reporting
ƒƒ Out-of-the-box integration with Privileged
Account Security products provides complete
management, monitoring, recording and secure
single-sign-on for privileged accounts
ƒƒ Distributed architecture with central
management and storage that is ideal for
multi-network and multi-site environments and
benefits from a single administration, audit and
monitoring interface
ƒƒ Integration with enterprise infrastructure,
including strong authentication (2-factor,
SecurID, Radius, PKI, LDAP and more),
monitoring and SIEM integration, SNMP, Syslog
and SMTP, built-in HA/DR architecture and
much more
Manage access
credentials and
monitor session
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