SD-320AN Wired / Wireless Serial Device Server

Wired / Wireless Serial Device Server
High Performance Ethernet and Dual Band Wi-Fi Serial Device Connectivity
The Silex SD-320AN isdesigned to easily connect and share
• Multiple serial port and wireless
RS-232 serial devices over a wired or wireless network. Industrial
modes for maximum flexibility for
automation, building automation, medical devices, security
any environment:
access and control, point of sale devices, LED signs, bar
Serial Port Modes
code/label and other specialty printers, or virtually any other
device with a serial port can be now be enabled with secure,
robust wired or wireless network capability. It allows flexibility
to place the device anywhere on the network instead of
needing to be attached directly to the computer, and multiple
computers or terminals can access the serial device.
Key Features and Benefits:
• Industry-leading security including WPA, WPA2, and WEP,
– Serial Port Emulation Mode:
The included Silex SX-Virtual Link
software precisely emulates a serial
port (or COM port) connection on a computer operating system,
and then redirects the packets over the network to the serial port
of the SD-320AN.
– Raw TCP Connection Mode: This mode makes it possible to
directly communicate with a serial device via TCP application
program using a TCP socket API.
plus 802.1x authentication with the most commonly used
EAP types
• Dual band IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n support on the SD-320AN
allows communication in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
Ethernet Network Backbone
Radio interference in the commonly used 2.4 GHz band can
be avoided by utilizing 5 GHz.
• Virtually any client device can remotely control and
Serial I/F
Access Point
RS-232C Device
monitor your serial devices including computers (Windows,
Mac, Linux), mobile devices (Android, iOS), and virtual
servers (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server and
– eCable Mode: Serial data can be tunneled over the network
between devices connected to SD-320AN.
• No special drivers or applications are needed to use the
RS-232C Device
Serial I/F
serial devices: Drivers and applications that worked when the
serial device is directly connected to the computer will
continue to work across the network connected to the
Ethernet Network Backbone
• SD-320AN provides optimized roaming based on a signal
strength algorithm between wireless access points ensuring
maximum uptime for the connection.
Serial I/F
RS-232C Device
Wired / Wireless Serial Device Server
Wireless Modes:
– Wired Mode: The SD-320AN is equipped with an autosensing
10/100 Ethernet port. SD-320AN can also operate in wired
mode to connect to the Ethernet network.
– Wireless Station (Client) Mode: The SD-320AN can connect
to an existing 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi network. The dual band
capability and enterprise security ensure a stable connection
to even the most advanced wireless networks.
Product Name
Article number
EU: E1391 UK:1392
Wired LAN
Wireless Standard
Note: WEP and 802.1x are
only available in wireless
station (client) mode
Ethernet Network Backbone
Supported OS
(SX-Virtual Link Serial
Port Emulator)
Note: RAW TCP mode and
eCable mode are not OS
Serial I/F
Access Point
Supported Protocols
– Wireless Access Point Mode: The SD-320AN can create a
wireless network so any wireless client (station) can easily
make a direct secure connection.
Setting Method
External Dimensions
WEP (128 bits), WPAPSK (AUTO) WPA2PSK (AES), IEEE 802.1X
Device Interface
RS-232C Device
Serial I/F
RS-232C Device
Maximum Power
OEM Embedded Modules
Regulatory Compliance
• OEM circuit boards for integration of wired
or wireless connectivity are also available.
Please contact us for details.
Included Items
Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit),
Vista (32/64-bit), XP (32/64-bit), 2000,
Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
Configuration utility, Web browser, TELNET
W: 125.7mm × D: 75.1mm × H: 24.1mm
(body only, excluding protrusions)
305g (body only,
including antenna)
• Temperature: -20 ~ + 70˚C
• Humidity: 20 ~ 90% RH
• Temperature: 0 ~ + 50˚C
• Humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH (non-condensing)
2.5W (DC5V/0.5A)
VCCI Class B, FCC Class B, ICES-003 Class B,
CE Class B
SX Virtual Link for Serial Device Server
version 3.8.0 or later
Body, AC adapter, setup guide, rubber feet,
wireless LAN antenna,
GPL inquiry sheet, warranty card
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