Men`s Competitive Soccer Rules

Carleton University Intramural Soccer Rules
The following FIFA Laws of the Game apply:
2 The Ball
5 The Referee
8 The Start And Restart of Play
9 The Ball In and Out of Play
10 The Method of Scoring
13 Free Kicks
17 The Corner Kick
2. Rules Unique to 7-a-sides
1. Offsides: There are NO offsides.
2. Slide Tackles: Slide Tackles are not allowed and are punishable by a yellow card regardless
of whether contact is made with another player.
3. Substitutions: Substitutions can be made on the fly at the referee’s discretion.
4. Kick-Ins There are no throw-ins. If the player plays the ball out of play on either side of
the field, the opposition will kick the ball back into play from the point where it left the field.
The ball must be stationary and the player taking the kick may not touch the ball again until
it has been touched by another player. A player cannot score directly from a kick in. If a
kick in goes directly into the net without touching another player, a goal kick is awarded to
the defending team.
All kicks are indirect other than corners and penalties. Opposing players must always be 5
yards away from the point of the kick.
5. Penalty Kicks: If the referee awards a penalty to a team, the kick is taken from the centre
of the edge of the goal area and the kicker may only take 2 steps before kicking the ball.
The goalkeeper must be on the goal-line when the ball is kicked.
6. Coed Soccer: In coed soccer all teams must have at least 2 females and at least 2 males
on the field at all times. If a player only has one male or female player, they must play a
player short. If a player has no male or no female players they automatically forfeit the
7. Game Duration etc. Games will consist of two, 25min halves with a 3min half time. The
clock will be set for 25 minutes from the scheduled time for the start of the game. If both
teams are ready to play before the clock reaches 25 minutes they may begin the game at
the referees discretion.
The game will be played with 7 players (one of whom is the goalkeeper) per team. A match
may not start if either team consists of fewer than 5 players. A team has until 10min after
the official start time to produce 5 players. If not it will result in a default. They will receive
0 points for the match & the opposition will receive 3 points.
The score of a default is 3-0
There is no OT in regular season.
3. Goalkeepers:
Goalkeepers can only handle the ball inside the penalty area. Any goalkeeper deliberately
handling the ball outside of the box will have a direct free kick awarded against them and may
receive a red card if they prevented a goal scoring opportunity
A goalkeeper may not handle any ball that is deliberately passed back to them by a player on
their team. If the goal keeper does handle a passback, an indirect free kick will be awarded to
the opposition at the spot where the ball is handled.
Once a goalkeeper picks up a ball they have 5 seconds to return it to play or an indirect free
kick will be awarded to the opposition.
A goalkeeper may slide inside the box but cannot slide tackle outside of the box.
4. Yellow and Red Cards..
Cautionable Offenses: The Referee issues a Yellow Card for reckless Fouls and offenses described
directly above, and for the following:
(a) Deliberate Handball or Handball by a Goalkeeper;
(b) Goalkeeper Endangerment;
(c) Unsporting Behavior by a player
(d) Continued or aggressive abuse towards the referee
(e) Unsporting Behavior by any non-player personnel;
(f) Provoking Altercation: Making physical contact with an opponent (e.g., pushing or poking),
short of fighting, or using the ball in so doing.
Ejectionable Offenses: A person receives a Red Card for Fouls and offenses described directly
above, which the Referee considers violent or use of excessive force, and for:
(a) Two Cautionable Offences;
(b) Elbowing: Intentionally elbowing an opponent above the shoulder;
(c) Vicious Slide Tackling: A tackle from the side or from behind directly into one or both legs of an
opponent, seriously endangering him;
(d) Fighting;
(e) Leaving Team Bench or Penalty Area to engage in a fracas or confrontation with the opposition
or a Game Official;
(f) Extreme Unsporting Behavior: Committing particularly despicable behavior, including
(i) Spitting at an opponent or any other person;
(ii) Persistent use of extremely abusive language or behavior toward a Game Official;
(iii) Bodily contact with a Game Official in dissent.
Time Penalties
The following penalties apply to offenses for which a Card is issued (subject to further action by the
Administrative Authority). Teams must play a player down while someone serves any time penalty.
(a) Yellow Card: 2-minutes for a straight Yellow;
(b) Red Card: Game ejection: any player receiving a Red Card will take no further part in the game
Time penalties are assessed from the time that play restarts after the offence occurs.
All time penalties are absolute and will run for the full duration of the penalty regardless of how
many goals are scored in that period.
5. Player Code of Conduct/Suspensions
Captains are responsible for the conduct of each player on their team.
Players must abide by the rules of soccer as stated here and in the Official FIFA rule book.
FIGHTING: No tolerance, immediate ejection of the game and league. (No reimbursement of
any League fees)!
Disciplinary decisions WILL BE FINAL AND WILL NOT BE APPEALED. Any altercation during
or the after the game, will result in a league ejection.
Any and all players, upon ejection from the game, for any reason whatsoever, must
immediately proceed to the dressing room. The player may not stick around to watch the
remainder of the game on the field. Failure to obey this rule, and also if any ejected player
causes any disturbance whatsoever, especially one which prevents any game to continue its
regular flow, will result in a minimum one game additional suspension.
Any player who threatens the safety and well-being of any official will be receive a minimum
year-long suspension.
Suspended players are not allowed to be near the bench area during a game.
Players will be responsible for being familiar with the League's rules and regulations and
takes which is in according with those rules. Harassing officials in cases such as this will
result in suspensions and in severe cases, ejection from the League.
All Carleton students, Carleton alumni members, faculty, staff or members of the Athletics facility
are eligible to play in the intramural soccer league.
Players can only play for one team per LEAGUE not per DIVISION.
Each player must be registered on the official roster sheet before taking part in any game. Adding
players to a roster must be done through the intramural league convenor.
Teams may register up to 12 players
Registration is done through the team captain.
All players must bring a valid student card
Teams will be given t-shirts to wear. All players must wear their team shirt at all times to take part
in any game. Goalkeepers must be wearing a distinguishing shirt.
Team captains must have all their players registered on their team registration sheet. This sheet
will remain with the intramural office. A copy of this sheet will be in the convenor's logbook
8.2 The goalkeeper can be changed after a goal, on a corner kick, on a goal kick, on a throw in or
on an injury but ONLY after the referee has given permission. Goalkeepers must be wearing a
distinguishing shirt.
8. Time/Clock
9.1 At the referees discretion, should there be a lengthy delay, the game may continue beyond the
set time on the score clock. In this event both teams will be informed by the referee prior to the
end of the game.
9.2 Any incidents that may occur before the buzzer goes will be counted at the referees discretion.
10.1 The following penalties will be assessed to any team that is found to be using a player while
he is under suspension, or an illegal player, or a player using an alias:
A) The final score of the game in which the suspended player anticipated will be recorded as "0" for
the team using the illegal player. The opposing team will keep their score and if they had not
scored will be awarded a 3-0 win.
B) The illegal player will have an additional five(5) game suspension.
C) The team using the suspended/illegal player will also have their team representative suspended
for that team's next game.
D) No suspended player may play on any team in this League until AFTER he has served his
complete suspension.
TBC according to league format
Overtime rules: (only for playoff games)
Tied Games:
In the event of a tie in the playoffs:
 There will be a penalty shoot out:
 Each team has 3 penalties
 For co-ed soccer, penalty takers must alternate between male and female for each team’s
 The goalkeeper who FINISHED the game in goals must remain in goals for all of the
penalties kicks. The only exception is if the goalkeeper is injured and cannot continue.
 The referee chooses which goal the penalties will be taken into.
 A toss of a coin decides which team shoots first.
If the teams are still tied after 3 penalties it is sudden-death penalties until one team wins.
 No player can take a second penalty during the shoot out until every player in the team
(including the goalkeeper) has taken a penalty.
If a team causes a significant delay of the extra time or penalties by arguing with officials or staff,
the match will be awarded to the opposition.
11.Tie Breaking Rule(s):
The following tiebreakers will be used if TWO teams are tied in points at the end of the regular
Head vs Head
Goals for
Goals against
Points Differential
Coin flip
The following tiebreakers will be used if THREE OR MORE teams are tied:
1. Best winning % between the teams involved.
2. Most Wins
3. Goals For minus Goals Against
Note: If a further tiebreaker is still required after the above, a flip of the coin will decide the
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