Server Setup Instructions

Server Setup Instructions
Version 1.2
Prerequisites: You will need a computer to configure the server. The computer
and the server are required to plug into the same switch.
Equipments needed:
A switch
A laptop/PC
2 Ethernet cables
1. Plug both the server and PC into the switch.
2. Power on the server and the PC.
3. Set the IP address in the PC.
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
4. Open an Internet Browser and type “” in the address bar. You will receive a Security
Certificate prompt. Click Continue to this website
P/s: is the default server address.
5. You will see the Web Interface. Log in using the username and password below.
Login: mcsadmin
Password: letmein
6. Click on the Network tab at the top. Click Edit to configure the IP Settings.
7. Choose Normal Mode and fill in the IP Address Configuration. Consult your Network
Administrator for the network configuration.
1. This IP address will be the address of
your server once you have changed it.
2. This will be the address for the NLTVC
clients to connect.
Subnet mask of the network.
Gateway of the router.
P/S: If you have set the IP address to, then you will need to insert this IP address to
the web browser in order to access to the server in the future. This address will overwrite
as the default address.
8. Fill in the DNS Server field. Click Update and follow by Commit to apply the Network
Please get the network admin to provide the
addresses of the DNS Servers
9. Congratulations, you have set up the NLTVC Video Conferencing Server.
10. You may now close the web browser.
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