Spec Sheet: CPC-CAMI - "Whisper Quiet" Pan/Tilt Head

"Whisper Quiet" Pan/Tilt Head with Built-In Cresnet Control Interface
Crestron pan/tilt heads are distinguished by their quick but smooth
responsiveness and remarkably silent operation. Crestron's exclusive
CPC-CAMI is an integrated pan/tilt head and network control interface.
Lenses Supported
Universal with head or lenses requiring from +/- 2.5 to +/- 12VDC
Unlimited number of memorized pan/tilt head positions and focus/zoom lens
NET: (1) 6-wire RJ-type connector; to Cresnet control network
LENS: (1) DB15 female connector; provides (3) channels for zoom, focus and iris
as well as additional signals depending on lens
RS-232: (1) DB9 female connector; primarily used to control "smart" lens
Jumper Boards
Activate LENS output; voltage dependent
LENS A: +/- 12VDC differential drive
LENS B: +/- 8VDC differential drive
LENS C: +/- 2.5VDC single ended drive with lens supplied reference
LENS D: +/- 6VDC differential drive
Camera Mounting Adjustments
Three Axis Standard: 0.80" / 2.03cm (H) x
1.75" / 4.45cm (W) x
2.50" / 6.35cm (FRONT/BACK)
POWER: Indicates 24VDC power supplied to unit from network
NET: Indicates communication with Cresnet control system
CALIB: Indicates unit entered into calibration mode
FZ: Indicates focus and zoom activity as the result of manual control at the unit
Mounting Hole Spacing: 3.00"/7.62cm to 6.25"/15.88cm
Angular Travel: Tilt +/- 90 degrees
Pan: Approx. 330 degrees
Limit Stops: Externally adjustable for horizontal and vertical travel; easily
accessible with camera and lens in place
Unit Mounting: 3.75"/9.53cm diameter base with (2) screws, 2.00"/5.08cm
on center; included
Mounting Plates: (1) flat, (1) angled; included
Drive: Precision worm gear
Operating Speeds
LED Indicators
PAN: Manual pan control of head
FOCUS: Manual focus control of camera lens
TILT: Manual tilt control of head
ZOOM: Manual zoom control of camera lens
CALIB MODE: Toggles between pan/tilt and zoom/focus movement. In
conjunction with TILT (up) button enables unit to enter calibration mode.
Power Requirements
24VDC; network power, 60W
Max. Camera/Lens Load
Pan (horizontal): 22.5 degrees/second
Tilt (vertical): 20.0 degrees/second
Vinyl-coated cast aluminum
Dimensions (without mounting plates)
6.87" / 17.47cm (H) x
5.50" / 13.97cm (W) x
6.64" / 16.87cm (D)
15lbs (6.8Kg) (balanced)
Preset Recall Resolution
+ /- 0.35 degrees
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