The world`s first in-wall music system for the iPod

The world’s first
in-wall music system
for the iPod
(W x H x D)
4-3/4" x 6-5/16" x 3-1/2"
(127mm x 173mm x 83mm)
Cutout Dimensions
(W x H)
4" x 5-9/16"
(101mm x 142mm)
Mounting System
Two screw-driven locking toggles
Power Supply
15V DC, regulated,100-240V
switching. Connected with
wall-plug transformer
Cable Requirements
Two Cat5 cables; one for audio,
control and power, one for video
shown actual size
in-wall music system
iPort. The first in-wall
music system for iPod.
iPort connects your iPod to any
stereo or entertainment center.
Control it from afar with integrated
IR and two-way control. As easy
and stylish as iPod. Free yourself
from the constraints of wires and
share your music, videos
and photos.
dock your iPod and iPhone
charge the battery
use a remote control
show off your photos
share your videos and music
In-Wall Features
iPod Charger
charges the iPod when docked
Universal Cradle
docking cradle handles all
iPods with dock connectors
without adapters
IR Capabilities
built-in IR receiver allows
IR remote functionality
(remote not included)
customizable options allow
for more system flexibility
Balanced Audio
factory included balanced audio
module and wallplate allows
for longer audio cable runs
in a whole home system
and secondary IR input.
factory included RS-232 module
for two-way communication
from audio/video control systems.
Playlists, artists, albums, song and
video menus can be browsed
from control devices
Balanced Video
factory included balanced video
module and wallplate for longer
video cable runs
remote control, studmount bracket, rackmount bracket, listed fire rated backcan, black faceplate, unbalanced video kit
Simple to Sophisticated An Upgrade Path
Charges the iPod when docked. Universal docking
cradle works with all iPods with dock connectors.
No adapters necessary. Unbalanced audio and
video output via RJ-45 connectors. Unbalanced audio
wallplate included. Ideal for a local connection to audio
amplifiers and video display devices. Power supply
included. Unbalanced video wallplate kit optional.
Adds IR remote functionality with a built in IR receiver.
Control the iPod from across the room. Works with the
iPort EX-1 remote control as well as any learning or
universal IR remote control. Remote control not
included. Beginning of an upgrade path for advanced
features. May be upgraded to balanced audio or video,
as well as two-way RS-232 communication via
optional kits.
Addition of a factory included balanced audio module
and the substitution of a balanced audio wallplate.
Rated for placement up to 250 feet away from the
amp or receiver. Also adds secondary IR input at
the wallplate.
Addition of a factory included RS-232 module for
two-way communication. Includes RJ-11 to DB-9 female
adapter cable, enabling control of the iPod and for the
display of the metadata on control devices. The metadata
from the iPod consists of playlists, artists, albums, song
and video menus. This wallplate allows for IR input
from a control device.
Adds a factory included balanced video module
and a balanced video wallplate. Balanced video
allows placement of the iPort up to 250 feet from
the balanced video wallplate.
How it works
1 The iPort In-Wall is installed into
a wall and permanently affixed.
Similar to a wall switch it is
integrated into an environment.
2 Power, music and video sources
are all routed to iPort Wallplates.
3 The iPort Audio Wallplate provides
power to the iPort from an offboard DC power supply. RCA,
RS-232, RJ-45 connections provide
connectivity, and a Video Wallplate
provides video to a display device.
in-wall speakers for home
theater capabilities
in-ceiling speakers for
general/surround applications
on-wall speakers for
flat panel integration
4 An audio or video system controls
the iPort output to loudspeakers
or video monitors.
5 Optional items include an iPort
Remote Control and other system
connectivity kits to make your
iPort powerfully convenient.
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