PA492E | Targus DEFCON® VPCL
The DEFCON® Video Port Combination Lock (VPCL) is the
only system that combines a galvanized steel cable with a
high quality 4-digit resettable combination lock and is
designed to fit the video port of any desktop/notebook
computer. With up to 10,000 user-settable combinations,
this keyless security cable lock is hassle-free. Simply
secure your computer to an immovable object and your
DEFCON® VPCL will deter thieves from trying to steal it.
The DEFCON® VPCL utilises a specially designed pass
through video cable to allow the use of your
monitor/projector while the DEFCON® VPCL is secured.
The DEFCON® VPCL’s unique serial lock design makes
this product truly one of the toughest and strongest locks
out in the market place.
One of the toughest and strongest security locking devices out in the market place
Attaches securely to the video port of all desktop/notebook computers
Pass-through video port cable design allows access to monitor/projector
Up to 10,000 user-settable combinations in a tamper-resistant lock
Eliminates the needs for keys
2 m of vinyl-coated, stainless steel cable
PC ONLY Compatible
Product Name
Targus DEFCON®
Locking Device:
Up to 10,000 usersettable combinations
Model Number
Security Cable Material: Galvanized steel
Street Cost
₤0 / €0
Video By-Pass Cable
11.5 cm
Two Years
1 x 2.5 x 5 cm
175 g
Security Cable:
Length - 2 m, Diameter
- 4.5 mm
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.
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