Hear Sontia — and Hear The Big Picture
Sontia’s family of patented Stable Phase audio Technologies (‘SPT’)
take a ground-breaking approach to correcting and improving
sound — achieving stunning results across a wide range of audio products.
Sontia’s SPT is a family of audiophile-grade sound
correction and improvement technologies that
dramatically improve the performance from any speaker
in almost any sound product. Traditional, low-quality,
sound enhancement approaches often employ effects
and gimmicks—usually with unpleasant audible results.
Sontia’s studio-quality SPT approach is fundamentally
different. It creates a unique, multi-dimensional profile of
Sontia SPT Key Benefits
better, crystal clear, natural, life-like sound
three-dimensional audio experience
stunning deep, rich, smooth and natural bass
wide optimal listening area
makes smaller speakers sound much larger
removes cabinet resonance and artefacts
provides distortion-free listening at high volumes
resolution suitable for audiophile quality products.
“[with Sontia SPT turned on] the sound
changed entirely, making it more
than simply ‘2.0’ sound...it performed
beautifully...bass portrayed huge
resonance; sound seemed like a live
performance” (review in EE Times)
the sound produced by a product, measuring a vast range
of natural acoustic and psycho-acoustic characteristics. It
then uses this profile to ‘pre-correct’ the signal that is fed
into the product’s speaker(s)—producing a near-optimal,
impressive sound. SPT removes most sonic artefacts
resulting in natural, clear, 3-dimensional sound with deep,
rich bass. What’s more, in the listening environment, there
is nothing to set up and no calibration required.
The Sontia SPT Family
SPT Speaker Optimisation
SPT Dynamic Bass Enhancement
Conventional speaker ‘correction’ simply alters the
frequency response. Sontia’s SPT speaker optimisation
employs patented algorithms to correct the phase,
time and frequency response of the whole speaker
product, including the enclosure, mounting position and
destructive interference of sound waves between speaker
drivers. Listeners agree that improvements are dramatic.
Sontia SPT bass enhancement is multi-faceted. Firstly,
linear phase correction increases available bass energy
by removing the cancellation effects of out-of-phase
sound waves. Sontia also uses an advanced, patented,
organic convolution method that reproduces ‘lost’ bass
harmonics, adapting to the actual sound passing through
the system in real-time. Additionally, Sontia’s SPT LFX
technique optimises bass for different volume settings,
extending bass response at normal listening volumes.
These approaches achieve astounding, deep, rich bass.
SPT Acoustic Imaging
Conventional speakers suffer from a small optimal
listening area (or ‘sweet spot’), possess poor sonic depth
and produce sound that isn’t life-like. Sontia’s SPT
Acoustic Imaging is a patented approach that employs
novel otoacoustic and ‘whole-body’ acoustic modelling
techniques to produce sound that is natural and spacious
with a wide listening area.
SPT Linear-Phase Digital Cross-over
Conventional cross-overs suffer from a number of
problems, including cancellation/phasing effects, poor
frequency separation, poor phase/time matching, ringing,
signal transient smearing, lobbing and beaming effects.
Sontia’s SPT Cross-over addresses these problems,
achieving 4–8 times better frequency separation and
virtually eliminating destructive interference between
drivers. Results are free of nearly all distortions commonly
associated with conventional cross-over designs.
SPT Central Channel Generator
Sontia’s SPT Central Speaker solution delivers improved
sound through the central speaker in sound/speaker
bars and other 3+ channel systems. Unlike traditional
subtraction techniques, Sontia SPT Central Speaker is able
to accurately isolate sounds that are common to left and
right channels using sophisticated algorithms that are a
part of Sontia’s core SPT approach.
SPT Active Damper
It is well known that standard loudspeaker cones
continue to move after the original sound signal has
stopped, producing undesirable effects and distortions.
Sontia’s SPT Active Damper algorithm is a patented
solution that removes this effect allowing the speaker to
faithfully track the audio signal.
SPT Cabinet Resonance Control
U-Q Voicing
SPT Cabinet Resonance Control removes enclosure
resonance and rattle that typically affects audio products
at higher listening volumes.
U-Q Voicing is a very high quality, manufacturerconfigurable, multi-band digital EQ that allows Sontia SPT
to be tuned to a preferred product ‘voicing’.
Integrating Sontia SPT
Sontia’s expanding range of reference designs, hardware
modules, development tools and support make it easy to
incorporate the ground-breaking SPT solutions into any
audio product. For more information about integrating
Sontia SPT, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
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