Powerview Repeater Guide

PowerView Motorisation
Plug Repeater into power supply.
Each kit includes one PowerView Repeater and one power
supply. Be sure the USB connector is firmly seated.
Plug power supply into wall outlet.
The green LED will come on to indicate the Repeater has power, but
not yet been joined to a PowerView Shade Network. One Repeater per
room with PowerView Window Coverings is recommended. Be sure
the PowerView Repeater is pointing up and the wall outlet has power.
y Repeater does not flash
when I send a Test Repeater
signal to it from the
PowerView Hub.
the Repeater
Pair Repeater to PowerView Shade Network.
1. Press and hold Stop on the remote that was used to create the
PowerView Shade Network, until the lights on the remote flash (approx.
4 sec.). 2. With the remote no more than 3 feet from the Repeater, press
and release Stop. 3. The Repeater LED will flash green once to signal
it has now been joined to the PowerView Shade Network and then will
turn off (Repeater is still active).
To reset the Repeater and put
the Repeater in Learning Mode,
press and hold the button on
the Repeater until the green
LED comes on, indicating the
Repeater has power but has
not been paired to a PowerView
Shade Network.
• Make sure the Repeater is
completely seated in the USB
port on the power supply.
Check that the outlet that the
USB power supply is plugged
into has power.
• Test the Repeater with a
different USB power supply.
• Add the Repeater to the
PowerView Shade
Network. Refer to
instructions in this guide.
Test signal to Repeater.
Press and hold the P button on the back of the PowerView Hub. If you
have not already paired the Repeater to the PowerView Shade Network via
the Remote, pressing and holding the P button will pair the Repeater.
The light on the PowerView Repeater should flash GREEN. If it does not, you
may need to move the location of the Repeater or add an additional Repeater.
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