Supercharge your Storage
Dot Hill AssuredSAN™ & SANsymphony™-V
Dot Hill AssuredSAN
12-bay & 24-bay systems
Solution Highlights
●● Extremely fast using inexpensive
RAM caches
●● Accelerates existing storage
●● Budget friendly bundles
Dot Hill AssuredSAN
●● DataCore Ready certified
●● Up to 5200 MB/s sequential read,
and 3000 MB/s sequential write
●● Mix SSD and SAS drives within a
●● Up to 192 drives per system
●● Simulcache™ technology
●● Ideal for demanding HPC
and Media & Entertainment
If you are looking to deliver a significant storage infrastructure performance
increase, two key components to achieve that goal include a powerful high
performance disk sub-system combined with intelligent data caching technology.
DataCore Ready Certified
The combination of SANsymphony-V and Dot Hill AssuredSAN storage arrays
which are certified under the rigorous DataCore Ready Program offers a RAID disk
sub-system delivering up to 5200 MB/s read & 3000 MB/s write performance with
100,000 IOPS sustained from disk. Combine this underlying SAN performance with
the Level 1 caching technology within SANsymphony-V which can utilize up to 1TB
of cache memory on each DataCore node with sub 20 microsecond access times.
Delivering Supercharged Performance at a Compelling Price
The Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4000 series delivers best-in-class price/performance
with a modular architecture facilitating simple performance upgrades and
maintenance. DataCore SANsymphony-V software accelerates reads and
writes by leveraging the powerful processors and large memories of the x8664 servers on which it runs. Up to 1TB of relatively inexpensive cache may be
configured on each DataCore node under Windows® 2008 Enterprise Edition,
enabling it to turn around disk requests at electronic memory speeds.
The DataCore Ready Program value proposition
DataCore Ready identifies solutions trusted to strengthen SANsymphony-Vbased infrastructures. While DataCore solutions interoperate with common open
and industry standard products, the DataCore Ready designation ensures that
these solutions have successfully executed a functional test plan and additional
verification testing to meet a superior level of joint solution compatibility.
Customers who leverage DataCore Ready offerings benefit from quality assurance,
reduced risk and lower integration costs. The DataCore Ready logo helps customers
quickly identify products and solutions that are optimized for SANsymphony-V.
Smart high-speed caching
High-speed caching has long been a
potent differentiator for DataCore’s
products. If you have been conditioned
by other suppliers to believe that
any form of virtualization brings a
performance penalty, think again.
In the process of virtualizing disks,
DataCore software accelerates reads
and writes by leveraging the powerful
processors and large memories of the
x86-64 servers on which it runs. Caching
essentially recognizes I/O patterns
helping it anticipate which blocks to
read next into RAM from the backend disks. That way the next request
can be fulfilled quickly from memory
absent of mechanical disk delays.
In the diagram you see how the software
uses the CPUs on the DataCore nodes to
rapidly poll for inputs and immediately
service input or output requests out
of SAN-wide caches. Polling replaces
slower (higher latency) interrupt servicing
techniques that take much longer to
recognize I/O events. The quicker the
CPU, the faster the software can turn
around an I/O. The same polling method
is used whether fielding requests from
the host computers or responding to
the back-end disks. Write coalescing
reduces the delay in writing to disk by
grouping inputs, whereas pre-fetching
into cache anticipates blocks to be read
given earlier reads from that section of
the disk. The adaptive algorithms have
been perfected over the past decade.
Avoid waiting on disks while
extending SSD service life
The simplest way to understand caching
on a DataCore node is to view it as a level
1 cache that can respond in less than 20
microseconds, whereas the caches on
the disk array may be somewhere in the
hundreds of microseconds. Both caches
aim to hide the much longer delay of the
physical disk I/O which is in the order
of 4000 to 6000 microseconds (or 4 to
6 milliseconds). The DataCore caches
play an important role when using very
fast SSD technology, extending their
useful life by reducing the write traffic.
Sequential performance with Dot
Hill SimulCache™ technology
Application environments such as data
acquisition or video post-production can
generate a huge amount of sequential
data from the host application. The
processing overhead for writing high
throughput sequential data streams to
disk is therefore an important factor
in overall system performance. This is
especially important in dual controller
RAID configurations where the incoming
data must be written to two controllers.
Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN networked storage
arrays employ SimulCache: a unique
patented data caching architecture
providing exceptionally high bandwidth
write performance in RAID protected
configurations. SimulCache uses an
extremely low latency internal bus to
copy incoming data from the active to the
standby controller without the noticeable
drop in write performance experienced
with traditional RAID cache designs.
About Dot Hill Systems
Leveraging its proprietary Assured
family of storage solutions, Dot Hill
solves many of today’s most challenging
storage problems; helping IT to improve
performance, increase availability,
simplify operations, and reduce costs. Dot
Hill’s solutions combine breakthrough
software with the industry’s most flexible
and extensive hardware platform and
automated management to deliver
best-in-class solutions. Headquartered in
Longmont, Colo., Dot Hill has offices and/
or representatives in China, Germany,
India, Japan, Singapore, the United
Kingdom, and the United States.
About DataCore Software
DataCore Software develops storage
virtualization software leveraged in
virtual and physical IT environments to
obtain high availability, fast performance
and maximum utilization from storage.
DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage
hypervisor is a comprehensive, yet
hardware-independent solution which
fundamentally changes the economics
of provisioning, replicating and
protecting storage for large enterprises
and small to midsize businesses.
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