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Dial-Up Modem
Model 37212B
2400/1200/300 bps full duplex
Error correcting (MNP) protocol
PSTN or leased line selection
Synchronous or asynchronous
Alternative control channel for DS and synchonous
HP 37212B
Universal V22 Bis Modem
The new HP 37212B modem is a high performance multi-function
modem offering a wide range of features to suit virtually any application. Numerous configuration options ensure optimum performance
for both HP and non-HP systems.
Four Modulation Standards
Can communicate with a broad spectrum of industry standard
Bell 103 (FSK) at 300 bps
Bell 212A (DPSK) at 1200 bps
CCITT V.22 (DPSK) at 1200 bps
CCITT V.22 bis (QAM) at 2400 bps Asynchronous/Synchronous
For Corruption Free Data Links
Without error control, transmission on a typical 2400 bps line
would probably result in an error every minute. The HP 37212B uses
the industry standard MNP error correcting protocol which allows
data to be transferred reliably and without errors regardless of noisy
phone lines.
With error correction enabled, the HP 37212B can automatically
drop back to transparent communication when connecting to a nonerror correcting modem. Alternatively it can be set to lock-out communication with non-error correcting modems.
Given an error free line, no noticeable degradation of speed results
from using error correction. There is a choice of Flow control methods
Worldwide Regulatory Approvals
The HP 37212B conforms to the regulations of telephone approval
authorities in several countries. The local HP field office will be able
to provide up-to-date information on the connection approval status
in your country.
Three Command Modes
Terminal mode provides a user friendly way to operate the
HP 37212B directly from the keyboard of a terminal or PC. The user
is prompted for correct key sequences to obtain particular functions
and status information.
Computer mode is optimized to simplify the programming required
for a computer to control the modem automatically. Commands are
accepted by the modem, but it will not echo or reply unless specifically
requested to do so. This ensures that the computer will not receive any
unexpected characters from the modem. Status information is represented by a string of eight ASCII characters instead of descriptive
Manual command mode allows the HP 37212B to be operated using
front panel control switches.
Two Control Channels
Normally, the control channel is through the RS-232-C (CCITT
V.24) data interface, however, some computers or devices (eg. DS
cards) are unable to output configuration or dialing commands
through their data channel. For this reason, the HP 37212B offers an
alternative control channel to be selected on the RS-232-C port. A 'Y'
cable (Part number HP 15614A) can be used to break out the secondary control channel onto a separate RS-232-C port.
Flexible Telephone Connection
Both North American and UK style telephone sockets are provided. In addition to sockets for the modem/telephone line, extra sockets
are provided for use with an adjacent telephone. This allows telephone communication to take place while the modem is not in use and
also enables manual-dial or manual-answer operation.
Convenience Features
NON-VOLATILE MEMORY stores telephone numbers, log-on
strings and modem configuration for speedy operation.
PULSE OR TONE DIALING ensures dialing compatibility with
most telephone systems.
LEASED LINE OPERATION a single modem for both leased line
(2-wire) or dial-up operation.
INTEGRAL LOUDSPEAKER monitors call progress without requiring an adjacent telephone.
DIAGNOSTIC AND SELF TESTS allow users to verify both line
quality and modem operation without the need for special equipment.
INTEGRAL 120/240V POWER SUPPLY eliminates the need for an
external transformer.
RACK MOUNT KIT allows one or two HP 37212Bs to be mounted in
standard 19" equipment racks.
DC POWER OPTION simplifies incorporation into systems isolated
from an AC (line) supply.
SHORT-HAUL APPLICATIONS For applications up to 3000m.
connecting computers, instruments or printers on HP-IB, consider the
HP 37204A/B HP-IB bus extenders. See page 571 for further information.
Ordering Information
HP 37212B Stand Alone Modem
Opt W30 Three years of customer
return repair service
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