How the Games Work
Slot Machines
Keep it fun.
Learn how the games work before you play.
Slot machines operate randomly. There is a Random
Number Generator (RNG) inside each machine, which
cycles through millions of numbers continuously.
The outcome of a spin is automatically determined
by the RNG when you hit the spin button. That means
it’s impossible to predict whether you’ll win – or lose.
Some machines allow you to stop the spinning reels early.
That makes no difference. It has no impact on the outcome
of the spin – there is nothing you can do to control where
the reel stops.
Some slot machines might offer you bonus games.
The player can influence the bonus prize amount by
interacting with an arcade-style video game. While skill
appears to play a factor in the outcome of the bonus
prize, it’s actually all down to chance. No matter what
a player’s perceived skill level is, the RNG inside each
machine determines the outcome: whether a player
wins the opportunity to play the bonus game, plus the
pre-determined maximum amount available to be won
during the bonus game.
The different machines
There are differences between slot machines. Think about
this: just because the $.05 game with a recognizable
brand may look a little more just might be more
expensive to play than a higher denomination machine.
It’s important to know that slot machines are designed
for different gaming experiences. For example: a game
that may allow you to play for longer and maximizes your
time at the casino is very different from a game designed
for someone who enjoys a quicker, more aggressive
experience when playing. Find out which type of game
you’re sitting down to play so that it gives you the gaming
experience you’re looking for.
How to play
All casinos offer coinless slot machines. Bill acceptors take
$5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills. To play the machines, insert
the bill into the bill acceptor.
You can then select how many lines, and how many credits
per line, you wish to bet. Some slot machines have one
credit value, and others offer a selection. By pressing
the Bet One button, you’ll wager one credit. By pressing
the Max Bet, you’ll bet the maximum allowed on that
machine for each game.
Pull down and release the arm on the side of the slot –
or press the Spin button. All slot machines display the
number of credits won based on the results of the reel spin.
When you’re ready to cash out, press the Cash Out button
and you’ll receive a ticket that can be redeemed at the
cashier, Ticket Redemption machine, or can be inserted
into another slot machine. Tickets are valid for 30 days
at the casino.
The House Advantage
The ‘house advantage’ means that slots on average keep
about 8% of all the wagers played on the entire life of the
machine. So the machines always win in the long run.
Your chances of winning depend on the game you choose,
what denominations you select, or how many credits you
decide to bet.
Slot machines are entertainment, and just like dinner and
a movie, you should expect to pay for the entertainment.
When your entertainment money is spent, it’s time to call
it a day.
Gambling with GameSense
Slots are a game of chance. So play for fun:
if you lose consider it the cost of entertainment.
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