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Pre-Amplifier Solutions
Redback® Mic/Line Pre-Amplifier to Line Level Out Converter
2 Channel Mixer With Vox Muting
10 year
Accepts either a microphone or auxiliary input and converts it to a balanced high
level signal, suitable for distribution up to 500m. Up to 3V of output level available.
Volume controls are provided for both inputs plus a master output level. Balanced
XLR input plus auxiliary input dual RCA input. DIP switch selector allows for balanced
1.5mV or line level 200mV, 500mV or 1V inputs. The output is via a male 3 pin XLR.
24V DC operation. Size: ≈ 133W x 65D x 44Hmm.
Features • XLR Mic input • RCA Aux input • XLR balanced output • Phantom power to
Mic Input (15V DC) • Controls for AUX, MIC and master volume • DIP Switch selectable
AUX input sensitivity • 24VDC operation via 2.1mm DC power jack
Price Each
165.00 150.00 135.00
A 4905
M 8968B 24V DC 1A plugpack to suit
10 year
This compact 2 input mixer which accepts either a line level signal or balanced microphone signal for each input. The output signal is suitable for feeding an amplifier with
either a line level input or balanced microphone input. Input one will vox mute input
2. Line level inputs and outputs are via stereo RCA sockets. Balanced microphone inputs and outputs are via 3 pin euro blocks. Any signal applied to input 1 will vox mute
any signal applied to input 2. This is regardless of the type of signal, ie line input signal feeding input 1 will vox mute a mic input signal feeding input 2. Volume controls
are provided for inputs 1 & 2 plus vox sensitivity. When vox is active a switched 24V
DC is provided via a 2 way euro block for controlling external devices ie: volume control override relays. Requires 24V DC power supply.
Features • 2 inputs to 1 output • Suitable for mic or line signals • Input 1 vox mutes
input 2 • Separate controls for volume and vox sensitivity • Vox operated 24V DC output
for control of external devices • Compact design • 24V DC operation via 2.1mm DC jack
(plugpack sold separately) • Dimensions: 25H x 105W x 81D mm
Balanced Mic / Line Input Pre-Amp & Mixer
Price Each
A 4911
M 8968B 24V DC plugpack to suit
180.00 165.00 155.00
Phono Pre-Amplifier
Features two line inputs and one mic input, each with its own level control. The mic
input can be configured for either balanced or unbalanced operation. All inputs are
mixed to a single line level output. It can be powered from either a single rail power
supply (15V to 30V DC), or a dual rail power supply (±12V to ±30V DC).
PCB dimensions 100 x 57 mm.
Microphone gain:
60 dB
Mic input sensitivity:
0.7 mV rms
S/N ratio:
10 mV input -74dB
Frequency resp.:
150Hz to 20kHz , -3dB
Line. gain:
Line. input sensitivity:
Line. S/N ratio:
500mV input -77dB
Line. freq. resp.:
30Hz to 20kHz, -3dB
Price Each
A 2055A
A low noise pre-amplifier with RIAA
equalisation circuitry for connecting
your turntable up to a standard auxiliary
input on a mixer or amplifier. Suitable
for use with magnetic pickups. Powered
by a 9V battery. Compact design fits
easily behind an amplifier or turntable.
Dimensions: 29H x 86D x 60Wmm.
Price Each
A 3051
24V Power Fail Monitor Relay
Price Each
A 4471
10 year
This remote mic/line pre-amp wallplate accepts either a microphone or line input for
conversion to a balanced high level signal. The 3V output signal is carried via Cat 5e
cable, suitable for distribution up to 500m without interference. Mic input is via a
balanced XLR whilst the line input is via 2 x RCA or 3.5mm sockets. The Cat 5e
output cable terminates to an interface module enabling a balanced mic/line, or unbalanced line signal to be fed into the amplifier. Power is sent via Cat 5e cable. 24V
DC plugpack included.
Features • Balanced mic or line input • Up to 500m transmission range • Uses economical Cat 5e cable • Balanced mic/line or unbalanced line output • RCA or 3.5mm input
• Level control • Powered via Cat5e cable
A 4920
This little black box interfaces with an array of
Redback pro audio products and provides
switching contacts to activate a flasher or
buzzer when 24V DC input fails to the connected device. Connects via RJ45 to the interface ports on the following products: A 4480A,
A 4585, A 4567B, A 4595 and A 4575A.
Redback® Balanced Mic / Line Pre-Amp Wallplate
Price Each
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