Cooler Light Installation

Installation Instructions:
1) Risk Of Electrical Shock: Disconnect Power Before Installing Or Servicing Product.
2) Before servicing or installing product, follow NEC Code Requirements and
Lock Out / Tag Out procedures.
3) Use with CLASS 2 Power Supply- 34 Volt DC LED Driver.
4) Installation should be performed by Licensed / Qualified Electricians Only.
5) Installation should be performed by Licensed/Qualified Electricians only as mandated
by the State/County/City where the Product Is installed and per the NEC Code.
6) The LED Driver Power Supply Is To Be Supplied With 120 Volts AC to 277 Volts AC
properly grounded.
7) Please Use Safety goggles and gloves while installing this product.
Following the above warning instructions, begin as follows:
STEP #1- Turn Off Power To Case Lighting
Disconnect power to the existing lighting fixtures/ballasts by turning off circuit breaker that feeds all wiring within case. Follow proper
Procedures per NEC Code requirements. If applicable, turn off light switch located within the case that controls power to the lighting
within the case.
STEP #2- Disconnect Primary Line Voltage Wiring At The Existing Fluorescent Ballast Locations
Identify the location of the existing fluorescent ballasts. Power should already be turned OFF, refer to Step #1 above. In general,
the new LED Driver Power Supplies installed that operate LED fixtures will be installed at the existing fluorescent ballast locations.
Disconnect the primary line voltage wiring to the existing fluorescent ballasts. Cap and Label LINE and NEUTRAL wires. These
will later be connected to the primary side at the 34 Volt LED Driver Power Supply.
STEP #3 - Preparing Inside of the Case For The New LED Light Fixtures
Locate and Remove the existing fluorescent lamps and lamp covers located at the mullion inside of case. Remove existing
sockets/ lamp holders attached to the mullion inside of the case. Remove any existing reflectors to leave a flat mullion surface
where the new fixtures will be mounted. When finished with this step, the mullion should be left with a flat surface and holes (top
and bottom) from the removed lamp holder/sockets.
STEP# 4 - A ccessing & Preparing To utilize The Existing Case Lampholder/Socket Wiring
Identify the existing socket/lamp holder wiring leads that feed to the TOP socket/lampholder at the mullion, label one lead as
"POSITIVE-RED• and one lead as •NEGATIVE-BLACK. Provide similar markings at the opposite wiring end that feeds from the old
ballast location (new LED driver location). These are the wires that will be used to connect the new Cooler Light wiring. Wiring
polarity is critical when connecting the new LED fixtures. Properly remove or safe off all extra wiring that will not be used, which
would include the bottom lampholder/socket wires that feed from the existing fluorescent ballasts. Properly dispose/recycle all lamps
and left over wiring components per proper EPA requirements.
STEP #5 - Installing the Aleddra Cooler LED Light Fixtures
The Aleddra LED fixtures are shipped with compatible drivers. Connect the driver wiring to the Cooler Light wiring. Connect black to
black, red to red. Connect the other end of the driver (black/white) to AC power. Lamps should fit inside existing lampholders inside
the case.
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