Philips SCD468/84 Datasheet

Philips SCD468/84 Datasheet
Analogue monitor
Compact and rechargeable parent unit
with charging stand
Enjoy ultimate freedom and mobility in and around your house with the small, mobile and
rechargeable mobile parent unit with belt clip. Roam freely around the house and still
hear when your baby needs you. With digital signal confirmation.
Complete peace of mind
• Minimum interference from other monitors
• Uses lights to indicate if the baby makes noise
• Indicates a continuous connection between the two units
• Lights up when batteries need recharging or replacing
Ultimate mobility in and around the house
• Small, mobile parent unit to freely roam around the house
• Ensures secure reception in and around house
• Rechargeable, cordless monitoring anywhere
• Belt clip and neck cord for hands-free convenience
Convenience for you and your child
• Adjust the volume of the parent unit to suit any situation
• Adjust sensitivity of baby unit to suit any situation
Soothing words
• Soft glow comforts baby if it wakes
Analogue monitor
Frequency band: 40.675 - 40.690 MHz
Number of pilot tones: 16
Pilot tone: Digital
Maximum range: 200 m
Number of channels: 16
Auto out of range warning
Battery charging indication
Battery low indication
Power on indication
Volume control
• AC/DC adaptor: 2x 9V DC 200mA
• Batteries: 3 x AAA rech. batt pack, parent unit
• Belt clip: Belt clip on parent unit
• User manual
• Quick start guide
16 channels
Minimum interference from other monitors.
Small, mobile parent unit
• Operating time on battery: 12 hour(s)
Development stages
• Stages: 0 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months
Allows you to freely roam around the house due to
the small size, but still hear when your baby needs
Up to 200 m range
Ensures secure reception in and around house.
Cordless parent unit
Rechargeable, cordless monitoring anywhere.
Soothing night-light
Soft glow comforts baby if it wakes
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