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UW Oshkosh Personal Computer Network Connection Contract
It is the responsibility of each unit to provide appropriate computer hardware and software for their
faculty, staff, and graduate students. If, however, there is still a need to make an exception and
physically connect a personal computer to the UWO campus network, this contract must be
completed, signed, and returned to the Director of Academic Computing before connection to the
network is made. If this is for a non-UWO visitor, please list the sponsoring employee in the
Campus ID field.
Campus ID:
E-mail Address:
Connection End Date:
Computer Make/Model Number:
Operating System/Service Pack:
Virus Protection:
PC Physical Address:
Last Update:
Terms of Agreement
Academic Computing Services will:
• Register your computer on our network for a fixed term (termination listed below).
• Terminate your computer’s network registration at the first sign of excessive or
inappropriate network activity.
• Not install Novell or other client software.
Faculty, Staff, or Graduate Student will:
• Keep virus protection current, updating at least weekly.
• Keep operating system current with service packs and system updates at least monthly.
• Comply with all policies set forth by the University concerning network use, especially the
Acceptable Use Policy. Policies can be reviewed at
• Not set or use their computer for peer-to-peer networking, file sharing, or remote access.
• Permit Academic Computing staff access to verify that the computer setup meets the terms
of this agreement, especially regarding virus protection, OS updates, and peer-to-peer.
• Not hold UWO liable for any problems that occur on their computer while it is connected to
the campus network or any damage sustained at any point while the computer is at UWO.
• Be liable if their personal computer causes loss of data on a campus network server or
adversely affects the campus network.
I have read the University Acceptable Use Policy and agree to abide by it and the terms listed above.
Applicant Signature:
I understand the possible risk to shared servers and/or department files, and support this request.
Department Chair/Unit Supervisor Signature:
IT Signature:
Access expires on:
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