MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2: Modular Dual KVM Transmit

MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2: Modular Dual KVM Transmit Gateway
Evertz’ MMA-10G is a network based AV distribu on solu on
constructed using Evertz’ award winning SDVN (So ware
Defined Video Network) architecture. MMA-10G u lizes a
highly reliable 10GE/100GE infrastructure for rou ng video and
audio and offers unprecedented scalability and reliability.
Modular 10GE KVM Transmitter
The MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2 modular 10GE KVM transmit gateway
accepts up to two video inputs, audio and USB and transmits
them over a 10GE interface. The KVM-TXM is a modular device
and is installed in a rack mount modular frame, this approach
offers flexibility and density as well as a secure and reliable
solu on for moun ng along next to servers. The KVM-TXM
provides two HDMI inputs with two local loop out connec ons.
USB2 can be sent at full bandwidth over the 10GE interface via
the USB type B connec on. Unique to the Evertz MMA-10G
series a local Ethernet port allows for Ethernet traffic to be
delivered over the 10GE infrastructure. The dual 10GE ports of
the KVM-TXM can be used for redundant network applica ons
(HOT/HOT) for mission cri cal applica ons.
Advanced HDMI interface
The MMA10G-KVM-TXM supports customizable EDID tables to
insure the smoothest handoff between the source device and the
gateway. The KVM-TXM supports HDCP and therefore can send
content protected images without compromising rights
Reliable AV Transport
Using 10Gbps Ethernet the MMA10G-KVM-TXM encapsulates video,
audio, USB2 and Ethernet at the same me. KVM-TXM has two
HDMI inputs plus two local loop outs for easy in rack setup of
sources. The KVM-TXM can support up to 3480x2160 (UHD) @30
frames/sec or 4:2:0 @60 frames/sec. KVM-TXM supports both
embedded audio on HDMI as well as a discrete audio input. The
KVM-TXM deliver content without compression, therefore video and
audio remain at their highest quality with no latency upon delivery.
Fully integrated with MAGNUM-AV controller
MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2 is a managed element of the MMA-10G
network which is controlled by MAGNUM-AV. MAGNUM-AV
provides simple and unified control of the en re system using
Evertz virtual control panels and touch friendly graphical user
interfaces (VUE) or via third party control systems.
Remote Monitoring
The MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2 can be remotely monitored via SNMP
protocol using Evertz award winning VistaLINK Pro NMS so ware
suite. VistaLINK allows a single user from a single work sta on
complete visibility into the opera on of the MMA-10G eco
system. By u lizing VistaLINK PRO the operator can quickly and
easily prevent issues from becoming outages.
Modular KVM Gateway: Dual HDMI
input, Audio, USB2, Ethernet
Video Inputs:
Supported Res:
2 HDMI + loop out
Audio Inputs:
Audio Level:
Audio Input Imp:
1 stereo analog (3.5mm)
Line level
USB 2.0 (type B connector)
Ethernet Transport: 1GE (10/100/1000 802.3)
Ethernet connector: SFP+ cage (optical or RJ45 SFPs available)
10GE Outputs:
2 SFP+ cages (see ordering options)
HDCP Support:
HDMI audio:
Control Protocols:
Control System:
In-band control:
No (uses 7800FC)
Modular design:
7800 series device, installed in 7800FR
12VDC (provided by frame)
Ordering Info
MMA10G-KVM-TXM-2: Modular 10GE KVM transmitter, dual HDMI
inputs, single analog audio input, & USB 2.0
Rear Plate
Ordering Options
Modular Quiet frame, 3RU, 15 slots, dual PS
Modular frame controller (required for control)
MMA10G-SFP-TR85: SFP+, 10GE, 850nm, MMF, 50/125, LC/LC
MMA10G-SFP-TR13: SFP+, 10GE, 1310nm, SMF, 9/125,LC/LC, 10Km
MMA10G Series | Network Based AV Distribution
Rev. 2
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