Improved visibility. Improved knowledge. More precise work.

Improved visibility. Improved knowledge. More precise work.
Sensor Systems
Optical Systems I Lasers & Material Processing I Industrial Metrology I Traffic Solutions I Defense & Civil Systems
Improved visibility. Improved
knowledge. More precise work.
The individual models:
•VarioCAM® high resolution basic 384
•VarioCAM® high resolution inspect 384
•VarioCAM® high resolution inspect 768 (RE technology)
•VarioCAM® high resolution research 1.2 Mega (RE technology)
Best thermal imaging technology becomes
Looking ahead with the VarioCAM® high resolution.
Fields of application:
• Industrial and scientific research and development
• Electronics manufacture
• Semiconductor industry
• Optimization of electrical devices
• Optimization of manufacturing processes
• Thermal diagnosis, for example of engines, generators, turbines and transformers
• Quality assurance
• Building inspection
• Predictive & preventive maintenance
The new VarioCAM® high resolution product line from Jenoptik is a range of high-quality tools for all fields where
VarioCAM high resolution
The Ultimate in Thermographic Evolution
perfect image quality and measurement precision are crucial to successful work. For the first time, a mass-produced
thermal imaging camera can be used to take pin-sharp thermograms in which the finest details can be identified
– and this is at a resolution of up to 1.2 megapixels.
• Never be annoyed again about washed-out, out-of-focus or pixelated thermograms.
• In the future, you will also produce large-format printouts without irritating blocks of pixels.
•Avoid the need for expensive and heavy telephoto lenses and macro attachments,
thanks to a stepless zoom function up to 8 x.
• Make life easier with simpler operability and ergonomic handling.
JENOPTIK I Defense & Civil Systems
Progress with state-of-the-art technology
Working at the peak of thermographic evolution: precision in a new dimension.
See for yourself.
ESW GmbH - Sensor Systems
Combining leading international calibration expertise with camera components manufactured with absolute
Pruessingstrasse 41
precision by the Jenoptik team of experts facilitates measurement in the 0 –100°C range with 25 % more accuracy.
07745 Jena I Germany
The high dynamic range of 16 bits enables precise digitization and accurate reproduction of the measurements.
Phone +49 3641 65-3942 I Fax -3494
Features of the VarioCAM high resolution product range also include drift-free temperature measurement which is
[email protected]
stable in the long-term due to special detector stabilization and an intelligent non-uniformity correction process.­/dcs­­
VarioCAM® high resolution – presented by
Made by Jenoptik: Resolution Enhancement technology
authorized distributor:
Optical Resolution Enhancement technology, or RE for short, is a unique technology worldwide for the static and
dynamic resolution quadruplication and improvement of image quality. Developed on the basis of Jenoptik technology from high-end photography and video technology, this process facilitates a new quality of high-resolution
thermograms in both mobile and stationary use.
VarioCAM® high resolution standard: the premium-snap function
Extracts from thermograms with 384 x 288 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels and 1280 x 960 pixels
(VarioCAM® high resolution with RE technology)
The premium-snap function enables one of the camera’s routines to be retrieved when saving the thermogram.
It ensures that drift effects are eliminated and an optimal measuring precision with simultaneous image homo-
It is our policy to constantly improve the design and specifications of our lenses. Accordingly, the details represented herein cannot be regarded as final and binding.
geneity and noise freedom of the images as well as the ’pixel-to-pixel‘ measurement equality are guaranteed.
Sensor Systems
Sensor Systems
VarioCAM high resolution –
new features for better results.
For the first time, a mass-produced thermal imaging camera can be
used to take pin-sharp thermograms in which the finest details can
be identified – and this is at a resolution of up to 1.2 megapixels.
Developed on the basis of Jenoptik technology from high-end photography and video technology, this process facilitates a new quality of
high-resolution thermograms in both mobile and stationary use.
Wireless data transfer via WLAN facilitates simple and
In addition to thermograms, the integrated 1.3 mega-
secure integration of the camera into computer networks
pixel video camera with high dynamic range and
and remote control operation from a safe neighboring
high light sensitivity enables sharp digital images to
area when working in hazardous environments. Data
be taken in a wide range of ambient conditions. For
transfer is therefore no longer restricted to particular
trouble-shooting and maintenance, the high-resolution
cable lengths. This alleviates the problem of tangled
digital images can be shown directly in the IR image
cables or incorrect connections and the associated
or overlaid with this (“Image Fusion“).
Technical data
ergonomic operation keys
ergonomic handgrip
with adjustable handstrap
camera so that voice recording is possible directly via
high resolution is wireless connection to a laptop
the microphone or via the headset. The loudspeaker
computer – this means that, when in frequent use, the
can be used for audio output or for an acoustic alarm
camera is no longer reliant on its display but may be re-
when measurements are exceeded.
WLAN interface
interactive user guidance
microphone & speaker
visualization of the thermal image
high-resolution color TFT view finder
headset connection & covered SD card drive
1.3 megapixel digital video camera
rechargeable battery (Li-lon)
Laser pointer
LED target illumination
­joystick with 5 functions
liably and systematically remote controlled by computer.
IP 54-save analogue and
digital interfaces
Wireless or cable connection to a computer is possible:
WLAN, IEEE-1394 (FireWire), S-Video, C-Video, VGA,
When designing the handgrip, all relevant scientific
exact temperature indication
status configuration
A loudspeaker and microphone are integrated into the
indication of the operating condition
clear result indication
mechanical or electrical malfunctions.
A further option for perfect handling of the VarioCAM
interchangeable lens with
patented snap-in bayonet
knowledge was taken into account to ensure fatigue-free
ergonomic use. The result is that the handgrip specially
designed for the VarioCAM high resolution has a special
With the aid of an optically safe laser, a measuring spot
support for the heel of the hand. In addition to giving
can be displayed directly on the object. Power-saving
the user increased grip, it makes it easier to hold the
LED illumination is available for the inspection of poorly
Each VarioCAM high resolution has an extremely
The interchangeable lens with the patented snap-in
A large range of additional accessories is available:
rugged airplane aluminium housing with components
self-fixing bayonet fitting ensures simple and quick
which have been thoroughly tested in terms of
handling. Everyday handling is simplified thanks to
durability. Combined with the deliberately compact
the low weight of the small, lightweight interchange-
The camera's user interface is designed such that it is
size, this guarantees the durability of all components.
able lens of the VarioCAM high resolution. Other
• special lenses
• protection windows
• laptop computer for remote control via WLAN
• storage media
• rechargeable batteries and charging units
• cables and adapters
• transport case
• remote control software
• data analysis software packages
camera level while simultaneously operating the
lit control cabinets.
features making life easier are the automatic lens
very easy to learn to use it efficiently. Rapid orientation
is aided by a help menu integrated in the user interface
Its impact-resistant lenses also make every VarioCAM
and a menu structure with which computer users are
high resolution ideal for use in harsh industrial environ-
familiar. In addition, preselected and freely configurable
text comments can be stored on the computer for the
simple compiling of reports. They can be individually
assigned to the relevant thermograms.
recognition function as well as the flexible use of
batteries of different sizes.
Detector type
Uncooled microbolometer
Image format
640 x 480 pixels (Detector format) 384 x 288 pixels (Detector format)
1280 x 960 pixels (RE mode) 768 x 576 pixels (RE mode)
Spectral sensitivity
7.5 … 14 µm
Temperature measurement range
–40°C ... +1200°C, optionally > 2000°C (range 1: – 40° C ... +120°C,
range 2: 0°C ... + 300°C, range 3: +100°C ... + 600°C, range 4: + 400°C ... +1200°C)
Thermal resolution < 30 mK
(at 30° object temperature)
Measurement accuracy
±1.5 K (0°C … 100°C), otherwise ± 2 % or ± 2 K
Image rate
50 Hz (PAL), 60 Hz (NTSC)
Dynamic range
16 bit
Autofocus or manual motorized focus
continuous, up to 8 x, digital
Display/view finder
High-resolution, daylight-suited 3.5'' VGA display
(170° swivel mount & 270° tilt, very rugged joint),
High-resolution color view finder with diopter adaptation
Single image and sequence storage
SD card,
internal 512 MB real-time memory for radiometric sequences IR video,
storage via WLAN or FireWire direct on a PC or a laptop computer
Automatic functions
Autofocus, autoimage, autolevel, autorange, auto NUC, auto lens recognition,
alarm sequence storage, image improvement, premium snap, RE technology
Measurement functions
5 measurement spots and areas, automatic hot/cold spot indication,
max. 5 isotherms, temperature profile, temperature difference (local, time)
Correction functions
Emissivity (from 0.1 to 1.0 in steps of 0.01; material table),
distance, transmissivity, ambient temperature
Interfaces with IP 54 connector
IEEE 1394 (FireWire, radiometric data), S-Video, VGA, C-Video, RS-232, headset
Wireless interfaces
WLAN for camera remote control, thermogram & video recording
Camera remote control &
• Direct automatic functions of the camera,
data streaming
• PC/laptop via WLAN/FireWire/RS-232
Digital video camera
1.3 megapixel color camera with high dynamic range and high light sensitivity
VIS-IR image mix and overlay, Image storage in thermogram file or separate
Voice recording & playback
Integrated microphone & loudspeaker, headset
30 s voice storage in thermogram file or separate
Text comments
Individual text inputs
Measuring target functions:
Optically safe laser pointer, Power-saving LED illumination
Lenses Standard 1.0/25 mm 30° x 23° 1.4 mrad 0.3 m (min. spec. focus)
Detector format 384 x 288 pixels Telephoto 1 1.0/50 mm 15° x 12° 0.7 mrad 2.0 m (min. spec. focus)
Telephoto 2 1.0/75 mm 10° x 7.7° 0.5 mrad 3.0 m (min. spec. focus)
Telephoto 3 1.0/130 mm 5.9° x 4.4° 0.27 mrad 5.0 m (min. spec. focus)
Wide-angle 1.0/12.5 mm 57° x 44° 2.8 mrad 0.2 m (min. spec. focus) Microscope 1.0 x 13 x 10 mm2
35 µm 50 mm*
Close-up 1 0.17 x 80 x 60 mm 208 µm 149 mm*
Close-up 2 0.5 x 27 x 20 mm2 70 µm
50 mm*
Detector format 640 x 480 pixels Standard 1.0/30 mm 30° x 23° 1.0 mrad 0.3 m
Telephoto 1 1.0/50 mm 18° x 14° 0.5 mrad 2.0 m (min. spec. focus) Telephoto 2 1.0/75 mm 12° x 9.1° 0.3 mrad 3.0 m (min. spec. focus) Telephoto 3 1.0/130 mm 7.0° x 5.3° 0.19 mrad 5.0 m (min. spec. focus) Wide-angel 1.0/12.5 mm 65° x 51° 2.0 mrad 0.2 m (min. spec. focus) Microscope 1.0 x 16 x 12 mm 25 µm 50 mm*
Close-up 1 0.17 x 95 x 72 mm 150 µm
149 mm*
*) working distance
Close-up 2 0.5 x 32 x 24 mm 50 µm 50 mm*
Protection rating
IP 54, IEC 529
Operating temperature range
– 15°C … + 50°C
Storage temperature range
– 40°C … + 70°C
relative humidity 5 % … 95 %, non-condensing
25 G, IEC 68-2-29 (operational, 3000 continual shocks)
2 G, IEC 68-2-6 (operational)
Power supply
Replaceable quick-charge video camera battery with status indicator
and up to 3 h operating time, External power supply 12 V – 24 V, FireWire interface
Size (L x W x H, without lens)
162 mm x 144 mm x 129 mm
Weight (incl. standard lens)
1.7 kg
* focus distance
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