Image Filing
A Standout in a Family of Renowned Stand-Alones
The printing press helped
revolutionize informationsharing for the civilized world.
Now Canon does the same for
your workplace.
The best-selling Canon CD-4046 and CD-4050 Digital
Document Recorders are a huge act to follow—considered
breakthroughs for their turnkey design and outstanding
performance. With the revolutionary CD-4070NW, Canon
has created a worthy successor, more powerful than its
siblings. All operations are performed on a large 8.4",
high-resolution, LCD color touch-screen panel. Fast, reliable,
and user-friendly, this all-in-one, compact desktop system
allows users to scan document images, then store and share
them directly over networks or onto CD-Rs. By way of a
familiar file folder structure based on Windows® Explorer, CD
images are easily retrieved and viewed on virtually any PC by
anyone with access, all without special software. Unlike
traditional PC-based imaging systems, the CD-4070NW
arrives with everything built-in, including an embedded CPU
and Windows XP operating system plus software. It also
includes a high-speed color document scanner and recordable CD drive, all accessible via the touch-screen panel.
Offering superior price/performance and requiring minimal
training, the CD-4070NW eliminates the hassle of hardware
installation and software support.
Even the Backup System Has a Backup
Documents scanned by the CD-4070NW are automatically
saved on the internal hard disk as backup data, prior to
being written to a recordable CD. As long as the data is
retained on the device, it’s available to create multiple
copies of the same disc for distribution or to search for
documents through Web browsers from remote PCs over
A Powerful, Intuitive Information Storage Facility
Faster, Easier Access to Information When You Need It
The CD-4070NW offers workgroups convenience and versatility
by allowing easy access through a standard Web browser.
Through 100Base-T networks, you can have accessibility from
any network PC using standard Windows software. It allows
network users to search, view, and download documents
archived on the CD-4070NW hard drive by using either a key
word, file name, file type, date, or directory reference. Additional
network scanning capabilities include Scan-to-Network and
Scan-to-E-Mail features. Standard automatic indexing also
streamlines input. A major time-saver, selective Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) reduces the need for manual
data entry. The 24-bit, color-enabled CD-4070NW converts
documents into multipage TIFF, JPEG, or PDF image files.
What’s more, it’s also able to read MICR information and,
with optional software, barcodes too. The CD-4070NW can
then assign this information to index fields, to automate
the data entry process.
Now every network location can be more productive and
efficient thanks to simplified document retrieval, performed
either locally or remotely. Canon proprietary PDF software
generates searchable PDF files that are easier to use
because text searches can be performed on all pages
scanned to PDF files, not just the first page. By applying OCR
when scanning documents as PDF files, the entire text will
be embedded in the file, making it easy to search for
specific words at a later time. Moreover, security-sensitive
documents can be scanned into Encrypted PDF file format
and password-protected from unauthorized user access for
opening or printing from saved document images.
Speed-Reading and Writing Power to Burn CDs
A built-in CD-R drive reads and writes to CD-recordable
media. For added security, you can set passwords for discs
created with the CD-4070NW to restrict unauthorized user
access. In addition to CD-Rs, documents can also be scanned
and saved directly to shared network folders or sent directly
by e-mail, without being saved.
It Picks Up Where the Others Leave Off
The CD-4070NW model is a comprehensive solution that offers
multiple scanning modes and versatile features for optimized
image capture. For example, Advanced Text Enhancement
improves readability, and Color Dropout increases OCR
accuracy. Also included are Deskew, Border Removal, Patch
Code Detection, and other convenient functions. When batch
scanning simplex and duplex documents, a Skip Blank
Page function works automatically to omit any blank pages
when detected.
The optional ED-500 Endorser imprints serial numbers,
stamps, and dates onto checks, share-drafts, and letter-sized
documents. For added flexibility, the imprint position is
operator-adjustable and conforms to Federal Reserve Bank
regulations for check endorsement.
Apply as Needed to Relieve Congestion
Document-processing gridlock becomes a non-issue with
black-and-white scanning speeds of up to 41 pages per
minute (simplex) and up to 82 images per minute (duplex).
Productivity is also enhanced with several scanning modes—
24-bit Color, 8-bit Grayscale, and Black and White, with
output resolutions up to 300 dpi. Thanks to Automatic Page
Size Detection, workflow is optimized by allowing batch
scanning of mixed sizes and thicknesses at maximum speed.
The Next Generation of Document Imaging
The Canon CD-4070NW is a cost-effective, comprehensive
solution that integrates everything most offices need for
remote capture. A powerful productivity tool, this all-in-one
imaging solution is ideal for incorporating reports, contracts,
legal briefs, invoices, and more. And you can easily create
archives, too, all of which makes the Canon CD-4070NW an
incomparable addition to any workplace.
Canon Endorser ED-500 (optional)
CD-4070NW Specifications
Output Resolution:
Data Compression:
Scanning Modes:
Light Source:
Document Feeding:
Document Size
B/W Scanning Speed*
200 dpi
300 dpi
300 dpi**
Feeder/Stacker Capacity:
300/200 dpi
High-Speed Mode (300 x 150 dpi)
Simplex or Duplex, Black and White,
Advanced Text Enhancement, Error
Diffusion, Grayscale, 24-bit Color
Manual or Automatic
2.2" – 10.1"
2.8" – 14.3"
14–32 lb. Bond
11–40 lb. Bond
31 ppm
62 ipm
21 ppm
42 ipm
41 ppm
82 ipm
Max. Stack Height of 10mm
Approx. 100 Sheets (Letter)
Control Panel
Display Type:
Image Display:
CD Recorder
Writing Method:
CD-R Format:
File Format:
CD Storage Capacity:
Other Features:
Integrated CPU, HDD and CD-R Drive
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
Ethernet 100Base-T Interface
Ports for External Monitor/
Touch-Panel, TFT 8.4 in.
Color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
650/700MB CD-R Compatible with
CD Recording Standard Part II
Standard ISO9660 Format,
Compatible with Most CD Drives
Multipage TIFF, PDF, and JPEG
Approx. 20,000 pages*
(200 x 200 dpi @ 650MB)
Optical Character Recognition for
Automatic Indexing
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(MICR) for Automatic Indexing (via OCR)
Searchable, Encrypted PDF Creation
Automatic Paper Thickness Adjustment
Network Connectivity
Patch Code Detection
Optional Barcode Recognition for
Automatic Indexing: CODABAR,
CODE39, CODE128,
ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5), EAN (JAN),
Endorser ED-500
Transport Case
Dimensions (H x W x D): Main Body: 10.4" x 13.9" x 16.2"
Display: 1.75" x 8.25" x 6.5"
Main Body: 33.1 lb.
Power Requirement:
AC 120V, 60Hz
** Rated with letter-sized documents.
** Interpolated
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