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Seed Drill Monitoring
A range of control systems to monitor the operation and control
the tramlining of conventional and pneumatic seed drills
The RDS Tramline Control 100
and RDS MFDC 100 are userfriendly and cost-effective
methods of monitoring a
number of seed drill operating
functions and controlling the
tramline sequence.
RDS offers two systems for monitoring seed drill
performance and for setting tramlines.
The RDS Tramline 100 is designed to control the
tramlining function. The tramline count is
advanced by a signal from a sensor activated by
lifting or lowering the drill or markers. Any
sequence of up to 30 bouts can be programmed
and the unit is not limited to preset sequences.
The RDS MFDC 100 is designed for monitoring
numerous seed drill functions.
The tramlining function is the priority display
and the unit will default to this channel. Two
memory registers (Total 1 and Total 2) record the
area worked. Area totals and all calibration data
are stored automatically in memory when the
instrument is switched off.
In order to alert the operator to machine
performance issues, the MFDC 100 offers further
alarm functions . A Forward Speed Alarm warns
the operator if the machine stops whilst the drill
is in work or when speed is low. There are also
programmable High and Low Fan Speed alarms
to warn of fan performance status and a
Distribution Shaft Speed Alarm to indicate if the
shaft stops for more than 40 seconds.
Voltage: 10 - 30 Vdc
Temperature: -20 to +40°C operation
-30 to +70°C storage
Display: 4-digit, illuminated LCD
Protection: IP67
Shaft speeds: 0 to 9999 RPM
Symmetric/Asymmetric Tramlines:
Current bout number:
Tramline bouts:
Righthand/Lefthand Tramline indicator:
Forward speed channel (mph/kmph):
Partial/Total Area channel (Ha/acres):
Fan speed (with high and low speed alarms):
Seed distribution shaft RPM (with alarm):
Hopper level low alarm:
Automatic cut-out switch:
Optional shaft speed sensor:
System extensions:
GPS Forward Speed - Signal inputs from a GPS
receiver can be used for forward speed readings.
An interface is required to convert the signal into a
pulse for the instrument.
TGSS - A radar sensor option for true ground speed
input into the instrument.
Warranty: 2 years
Available from:
Also in the range:
Artemis - A variable rate electric
drive system for pneumatic seed
drills, with integrated SD card reader
for precision farming.
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Tramline 100 MFDC 100
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