OptiLevel HLS Wireless System

TTechnical data OptiLevel
HLS Wireless System
Smart solutions for
parking and refuelling
OptiLevel HLS Wireless System
The wireless system can be used wherever it is impossible
or too complicated to route cables.
HLS Wireless System
Wireless gauge
A wireless gauge consists of a standard HLS 6010
gauge (except for density gauges) with a factoryinstalled wireless extension kit.
The wireless gauge characteristics are specified in
the OptiLevel HLS 60110 gauge data sheet.
Wireless gauge protection class
Wave/repeater protection class
Wave Assist protection class
Wave Assist gauge protection class
Ambient temperature
Wireless gauge
-25 - 60 °C für Umgebung
-25 - 100 °C für Medium
(for use in hazardous areas max. 60 ° C)
-20 - 50 °C
Power supply
Wireless gauge
Wave Assist gauge
Wave Assist
3.6 V lithium battery (built into gauge head)
100-240V / 50- 60 Hz, 150mA
3.6 V Lithium battery
Wireless transmission
2.4 GHz frequency band as per IEEE standard
Battery life
Approximately 2.5 years for 5 min. sampling rate
Communication protocols
HLS protocol, H protocol (optional)
other protocols with additional controller
ATEX, IECEx, VU + others locally
OIML R85/2008
Fuels, kerosene, Autogas LPG, AdBlue
and many more
Part number: VU00.8004.07.00.02
Technical changes reserved
The wireless solution continually collects the fill level data and forwards
them to higher level systems for processing and evaluation.
Technical data OptiLevel
HLS Wireless System
Smart solutions for
parking and refuelling
OptiLevel HLS Wireless System
HLS 6010
Fields of application
The wireless solution can be used
everywhere where it is impossible or
too expensive to route cables, or retroactively install conduits for connecting
conventional gauges.
The wireless solution removes the
need for excavation work in order to
continuously obtain fuel level data and
forward the data to higher-level systems.
To implement a radio link, you
require the HLS 6010 gauge including the Wireless Extension Kit
and OptiLevel Wave, the collection
point which converts all radio data
and serves the data to higher-level
The HLS 6010 and Wireless
Extension Kit are powered by a
battery built into the head housing.
Mix configurations
Mix configurations of existing gauges wired to Supply and wireless radio gauges
are possible. Thus retroactively installed
tanks, e.g., for liquid gas, can be easily
integrated into the filling station network.
Thus, all the components are located in the gauge head housing.
Only the wireless antenna is
routed to the outside and can be
mounted in the manhole in the
best position for the wireless link.
The radio situation is measured locally
using Wave Assist. This helps to determine the best location for OptiLevel
Wave and whether any OptiLevel repeaters are required.
This guarantees maximum
protection - including to IP 68.
Adverse environmental conditions
thus have very little impact on the
From a radio technology point of view, a tree
structure is established, that is, all wireless
gauges associate directly with the OptiLevel
Wave or indirectly through OptiLevel repeaters,
depending on the link quality.
A wireless network can consist of up to 24
devices (sum of all wireless gauges, Wave
and OptiLevel repeaters). Up to 10 wireless
sensors and two additional OptiLevel repeaters
can associate with each Wave or OptiLevel
At least 1 OptiLevel Wave is required for a
filling station with up to 10 wireless gauges.
If necessary, 2 additional OptiLevel repeaters
can be connected directly to the Wave to amplify radio links or collate groups of tanks.
If necessary, further repeaters can associate
with an OptiLevel repeater to extend the wireless range.
At least 1 OptiLevel Wave and at least 1 OptiLevel repeater are needed for a filling station
with between 11 and 20 wireless gauges.
Depending on the location of the tanks or tank
groups, further OptiLevel repeaters may be
Technical data OptiLevel
HLS Wireless System
Smart solutions for
parking and refuelling
OptiLevel HLS Wireless System
Wireless Extension Kit
The Wireless Extension Kit converts a 6010 HLS gauge into a wireless gauge. The Wireless Extension
Kit includes the RF module, the battery and antenna, including fastening material.
The components are housed in the gauge head cover and are connected to the 6010 gauge electronics.
During commissioning (inserting the battery), the gauge independently associates with the OptiLevel
Wave; it can then be addressed via radio and starts to send fill level data.
The Wireless Extension Kit can only be ordered as part of an order for a new HLS 6010 gauge.
The Wireless Extension Kit is not possible for gauges with density measurement.
OptiLevel Wave
The OptiLevel Wave collects the data from all gauges. The Wave stores the last fill level data sent by the
gauges and provides them to a higher level system via a wired serial connection.
The Wave is powered by a 230 V connection. All OptiLevel devices and software solutions can be connected to the RS 232 interface on the Wave. Direct connections to POS systems and station controllers
(requires HLS or H protocol compatibility) are also possible.
In hybrid operation with wired and wireless gauges, the OptiLevel Supply and Wave are connected by a
Mineo Controller. All gauge data can thus be forwarded centrally and in the same format.
OptiLevel Repeater
Acts as a range extender and is used anywhere applications where the RF signal between the OptiLevel Wave and the wireless gauges is not sufficient to ensure a reliable wireless connection.
The OptiLevel Repeater is powered by a 230 V connection.
If more than 10 gauges are used, at least 1 OptiLevel Repeater is required. More OptiLevel Repeaters
may be required to extend wireless links or connect groups of tanks to the Wave.
Technical data OptiLevel
HLS Wireless System
Smart solutions for
parking and refuelling
Service Komponenten
OptiLevel Wave Assist
Using the OptiLevel Wave Assist (including PC software) you can check if a wireless
installation is possible, whether interference frequencies occur, and also identify the
best installation positions for the OptiLevel Wave and OptiLevel Repeaters at the filling
station to ensure the highest signal strength. OptiLevel Wave Assist is connected to the
USB port of a notebook and supplied with power via USB extension cable (included).
During a walk-through in advance, OptiLevel Wave Assist and the OptiLevel Wave Assist gauge are used to check the local link quality and create an evaluation protocol.
OptiLevel Wave Assist Gauge
The device is the mating part to OptiLevel Wave Assist and acts as a gauge dummy in
the manhole. The device consists of an RF module including a gauge head housing with
antenna and fastener material. The two devices allow for a complete, fully functional
radio link to be established.
It can thus can be determined in advance whether a wireless installation is at all possible, or if interference occurs that needs to be examined and analysed in detail.
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Wireless devices
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HLS 6010 Wireless Extension Kit
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OptiLevel Wave
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OptiLevel Repeater
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OptiLevel Wave Assist
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OptiLevel Wave Assist gauge
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Lithium Batterie HLS 6010 Wireless
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HLS 6010 Wireless Antenna
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HLS 6010 Wireless Module Replacement
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