Sulis Meetings tool (BigBlueButton)

Sulis Meetings tool (BigBlueButton)
What is BigBlueButton?
BigBlueButton (BBB) is an open source, easy-to-use, web conferencing system. It has been
developed for distance education at institutions of higher education to provide a high-quality
learning experience for remote students. It can also be used for collaborative meetings, webinars,
office hours, course review sessions….etc.
BBB supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, audio, whiteboard, private or public chat,
and desktops. It runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computer.
Integration of BigBlueButton with Sulis
BigBlueButton is integrated with Sulis as the ‘Meetings’ tool managing the scheduling and login
to BigBlueButton.
Faculty will schedule the meeting date/time and select the participants of the BigBlueButton
virtual meetings from within Sulis as follows:
Select the ‘Meetings’ tool.
Click “Create Meetings”.
Enter the title, select the Participants (all members of the site or selected members), select the Start and
End Date and Time, and check to notify the attendees.
Students join the meeting by:
logging into the Sakai course or project site,
selecting the Meetings tool,
choosing from one or more available meeting sessions, and
clicking the “Join Meeting” link.
The instructor who schedules the meeting will, by default, be the moderator of the meeting.
Other attendees are, by default, the viewer of the meeting. A viewer in the meeting may join the
voice conference, share his/her Webcam, raise his/her hand, and chat with others. A moderator
may mute/unmute others, eject any user from the session, and make any user the current
presenter. The presenter may upload slides, control the presentation, and share a view of any
open application on his/her desktop.
Multiple users can share their Webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the
number of simultaneously active Webcams.
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Integrated VoIP
BBB voice conferencing supports voice over IP (VoIP) conferencing out-of-the-box. All your
students need are speakers and a microphone to participate, although a combination
headphone-microphone is preferred.
The presenter can upload any PDF presentation or office document and keep everyone in sync
with their current page, zoom and pan; the audience can see the presenter’s mouse pointer.
Desktop Sharing
Go beyond slides! The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all students to see, whether
they are using the Mac, PC, or Unix system.
Additional information:
For an overview of BBB, go to To watch screen casts of how to
use the features listed above, go to:
After joining the meeting, you will be prompted to
click on the microphone or select listen only mode
the audio.
If you select ‘Listen Only’ mode, you will be passed
directly to the meeting.
If you select the microphone, an echo test will be
performed. You will be asked to speak a few words
and have them echo’d back to you. If you click Yes,
you enter the virtual classroom. If you click No you
will be asked to allow’Adobe Flash Player Settings’
and then be guided through a wizard to enable your
audio and microphone.
You will have the option to record the lecture.
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Then you will see four windows - Users, Webcams, Presentation, and Chat
Users window
Presemtation window
The list of logged in users appears here
The presentation window is where you upload your lecture.
The presenter is identified by the presentation logo in the
status column. The media column shows if the user is using a
microphone or is in listening mode.
to connect your headset or microphone to
talk, and you name will appear in the Listeners window.
Click on this icon to
upload your lecture
to connect your webcam (if you have
one) to share your video.
to share desktop application. Refer to
Appendix I - “Use Meetings tool to demonstrate Sakai and
allow students having hands-on experiences” at the end of
this document for more details.
This icon is used to take a poll or a vote
This icon publishes your poll results
is the icon for Moderator. A moderator may
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These buttons
allow you move
easily to any
page in your
These buttons
allow you to
zoom in and out
or enlarge a
particular part
of your
The Moderator/Presenter may
Webcams are displayed in this window. If there is more than one
webcam, they share the window space.
mute/unmute others in the Listeners window
eject any user from the session, and
make any user the current presenter by clicking to
make them presenter
You have the option for public or private chat.
As a lecturer, if you have difficulty getting your audio working,
you can connect via your phone to a local Limerick number.
(Please let us know if you need to do this as there is an associated
061 518004
Pin 38648 and the press the # key.
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1. Use headset, instead of built-in
internal microphone and speaker,
to avoid echo and noise.
2. Mute all participants, then un-mute
individual(s) for communication to avoid
3. Upload a blank PDF file to have a blank
Download PDF