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2 mounting brackets, remote sensor, plastic grommet, rubber well cap,
4 #8 x1/2" self-tapping mounting screws.
48-101 HydroStat Remote Mount Kit with 24" sensor
48-102 HydroStat Remote Mount Kit with 48" sensor
48-103 HydroStat Remote Mount Kit with 10' sensor
48-104 HydroStat Remote Mount Kit with 20' sensor
Remote Mounting Kit
Electrical shock hazard. To prevent electrical shock, death or
equipment damage, disconnect power supply before
installing or servicing control. Only qualified personnel may install or service this control in
To prevent serious
burns, boiler
should be thoroughly cooled before installing or
accordance with local codes and ordinances. Read instructions completely before proceeding.
servicing control.
STEP 1 Select desired location for mounting the control.
Use the template on the back of this sheet to determine the
screw locations. Drill pilot holes using 1/8" bit, if necessary.
STEP 2 Attach bottom mounting bracket using self-tapping screws provided (Figure 1).
Figure 1
STEP 5 Replace the 12" factoryinstalled sensor with the 24", 48", 10' or 20'
sensor supplied in the remote mounting kit.
Release the lock on the plug-in
Figure 4
connector before unplugging the
12" sensor. The new connector will
lock into place.
STEP 6 Choose which of the two upper knockouts on
the sides of the control box will be used for the sensor.
Remove the knockout.
Install the plastic grommet in the knockout hole.
Insert the top mounting bracket (Figure 2) into
the slots on the back of the control box (A) and rotate the
bracket upward (B).
STEP 8 From inside the box, feed the thermistor end of
the 24", 48", 10' or
20' sensor wire
through the plastic
grommet to the
well (Figure 5).
Figure 5
Figure 2
STEP 9 Insert sensor all the way into well. Install rubber
well cap onto sensor wire and slide to cover end of well
(Figure 6).
Figure 6
Ensure incoming voltage ground wire is connected to ground screw (Figure 7). IMPORTANT: If the control is not
properly grounded to the boiler, the HydroStat will not detect
water and will remain in a low water condition. If this occurs,
attach a second ground wire from the green ground screw to
the boiler.
Place the control
box onto bottom
mounting bracket.
Attach the top
bracket with
remaining self-tapping screws.
Figure 7
Figure 3
Proceed with WIRING and SETTINGS as described in the
instructions for the HydroStat control.
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