MicAmp 4 Mixer/pre-amplifier

MicAmp 4
Designed and Manufactured by
ITEC Tontechnik und
Industrieelektronik GesmbH
8200 Laßnitzthal 300
Austria / Europe
ITEC MicAmp 4
Power unit connection
12 to 24 VDC
XLR audio output
Line/Mic balanced
Line/Mic audio inputs balanced
4 Neutrik combo connectors (XLR/jack)
4 x Line/Mic/Git switch
Line/Mic switch
On/Off switch
4 x volume control
Master volume
The ITEC MicAmp 4 is a universal, compact, professional quality mixer/pre-amplifier with 4 audio inputs and one
audio output. All inputs are balanced and have high-grade input amplifiers. The Neutrik combo connectors allow
for easy connection of XLR or jack plugs to each input.
Input sensitivity can be switched (Mic/Line/Git), allowing for connection of all common microphones, instruments
and feed devices. A phantom power of 12V (or 24V if a 24V power unit is used) can be switched on/off for each
channel using a jumper in the device. The jack input is always phantom power-free.
The MicAmp 4 has a potentiometer for separate volume control for each input and a master control. The audio output is balanced and can be adjusted to Mic or Line level. This ensures that the MicAmp 4 can be easily connected
to Line inputs and available microphone inputs of existing systems.
The MicAmp 4 is perfect as a small mixer for choirs and music groups, as an input extension for existing audio
systems, as a mixer for multiple auxiliary devices, level booster, balancing amplifier, and much more.
Its high audio quality, easy handling and robust, fine metal housing distinguish the MicAmp from all other common
products on the market. Its use, ideally in combination with other ITEC components, is a guaranteed success.
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MicAmp 4
ITEC MicAmp 4
Connecting microphones:
Connect top-quality electret capacitor microphones and balanced, dynamic microphones with an XLR plug.
Select the Mic input amplification (30db) Connect unbalanced, dynamic microphones and microphones with an
integrated battery using a jack plug.
Connecting guitars:
Use a jack plug to connect guitars (electric guitars or acoustic guitars with a pick-up) Select the Git input
amplification (15dB). If you require more volume, you can switch to Mic. If you wish to use the XLR connection for
that, switch off the phantom power.
Connecting Line-level devices:
Connect auxiliary devices, e.g. CD or USB players, or instruments, e.g. keyboards, using a jack plug. Select the
Keyb input amplification (0db) If you wish to use the XLR connection for that, turn off the phantom power.
The audio output:
The output level of the device can be set to Line or Mic (-30dB) using a screwdriver. Ideally, the audio output is
connected to the balanced input of the amplifier or an existing audio system using an XLR cable. Any phantom
power existing on these inputs is disconnected and thus rendered ineffective.
If you wish to create a transition from the balanced XLR output to a balanced plug (e.g. cinch or jack), please use
pin1 of the XLR connector as the ground and pin2 as the signal. Pin3 of the XLR plug remains unswitched in this
Jumpers for additional +6 dB amplification
(open by default - not active)
Jumpers for phantom power per channel
All plugged by default > phantom power on
Bottom side, open housing
MicAmp 4
ITEC MicAmp 4 - Specifications
45 mm
110 mm
158 mm
MicAmp 4
Power supply
12V to 24V DC
Current consumption
< 100 mA
Plug-in power unit, 12V DC
Audio Inputs
4 x combo XLR connector / 6.3mm jack (jack without phantom power)
Phantom power
12V or 24V (depending on power unit), to be switched on/off for each channel using
jumper (only XLR)
0 dB Line / -15 dB Git / -30 dB Mic (can be switched for each channel on front plate)
Audio Output
XLR male, balanced, +12 dB (Line, all controls fully turned up)
+6dB booster (internally selectable using jumper)
Line/Mic output
Switch on the front plate using screwdriver (Mic = 30dB)
Volume control
Potentiometer for each channel and one master potentiometer
Upper side made of high-grade steel, bottom side aluminium black, anodised
158 x 110 x 45 mm (W x D x H)
approx. 650g incl. power unit
All information without guarantee. Subject to technical changes.
ITEC-Tontechnik und Industrieelektronik GesmbH, A-8200 Lassnitzthal 300 / Austria / Europe
Tel.: +43 (0)3133 / 3780-0, office@itec-audio.com, www.itec-audio.com
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