PocketLab iOS App Quick Start Guide

PocketLab iOS App Quick Start Guide
The PocketLab App supports the following devices: iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad Air, iPad
Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen and newer.
PocketLab Sensor Hardware
PocketLab Sensor
Front Side
Attachment loop
PocketLab Sensor
and Protective Case
Axis orientation
LED light indicator
PocketLab Sensor
Back Side
Remove back cover
to replace battery
Orient silicone case button
with PocketLab Sensor button
Pull the plastic strip sticking through the PocketLab case to remove the battery terminal cover.
Note: Sometimes when the plastic strip is removed, the battery pops out of the battery holder. If the LED
lights do not turn ON when the button is pressed, check to see if the battery has popped out.
PocketLab App
App Installation and Setup
1. Make sure your iOS version is up to date. The PocketLab app works best on iOS 8.3 or newer. On your
iPhone or iPad, go to Settings >> General >> Software Update to check on your current iOS version.
2. Download the free The PocketLab app from the Apple App Store.
3. After installation is complete, go to your device settings and turn Bluetooth ON.
Connect the PocketLab Sensor and App
1. Press the top button on the PocketLab sensor. The LED indicator will flash alternating red and green.
i. If the PocketLab sensor is in close range to the iPad, the sensor will connect automatically. While
the sensor is connecting to the app, the LED indicator will flash red.
ii. If the PocketLab sensor is too far away to automatically connect, a message at the bottom of the
connection screen appears and says Pair to the nearest PocketLab. Tap the message to connect.
PocketLab iOS App Quick Start Guide
The LED indicator will flash green every 3 seconds while connected to the app.
Displaying Data
1. The PocketLab app will move to the graph screen with 3-axis acceleration data streaming in real-time.
2. Click on the Graph button to change what sensor data is displayed.
3. To display two graph screens simultaneously click on the Two-Graph button in the Graph list.
Recording, Reviewing, and Exporting Data
1. Press the Record icon below the graph. The existing graph data will clear and the current graph data will
begin recording. To stop a recording, press the Stop icon below the graph.
2. Press the Play button to see the data scroll across the graph. Tap a data point to display the value.
3. To delete the recorded data and start a new experimental trial press Clear.
4. To save or export the experimental data press the Export icon.
5. Choose the Share Data option to export the raw data as a CSV file. A menu of share options will pop up.
6. Choose the Share Graph Snapshot option to export the current graph image.
7. When you are finished saving and exporting the data, press Clear to return to the Data Display mode.
Recording, Reviewing, and Exporting Sensor and Video Data
1. To enable the video recording mode, press the Display icon on the top right of the screen. The screen will
toggle between the four display modes.
2. To record video and sensor data, press the Record button in one of the three modes that displays the
video window.
3. You have three export options for the sensor and video data:
i. Export the video file and sensor data as a CSV file separately
ii. Export the camera video and the scrolling sensor graph in a combined movie file
iii. Export an image of the current graph screen.
4. Exporting the combined movie of the camera video and scroll sensor graph requires a lot of video
processing. The video processing will take about 3-5 times longer than the length of the recorded data. So
for a 10 second clip, the process will take 30 to 50 seconds depending on the device.
Disconnecting the sensor
1. To disconnect the sensor from the PocketLab app, press the top button on the PocketLab sensor once.
2. The LED indicator will stop flashing and the PocketLab app will go to the connection screen.
3. Press the home button to close the PocketLab app.
Product Support
For additional support, please contact The PocketLab Team at support@thepocketlab.com and visit our website at
PocketLab iOS App Quick Start Guide
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