Zmiešavací ventil T-MIX-7

Mixing valve T-MIX-10-B.
Mixing Valve MIX - T - 10- B is used for mixing water - soluble concentrates in continuously adjustable
concentrations up to 20%. T he device is designed for direct installation on standard steel drum into a
threaded hole G 2 ". Mixing valve is made of aluminum alloy anodic oxidation surface treatment, stainless
steel and all other components of the mixing device is manufactured and finished to withstand corrosion
and the effects of oil .
Description of activities:
Termina l for connecting the inlet hose size ¾ "or DN19 .
Check valve .
Inlet ball valve .
Mixing valve body with logo .
Controller with relative scale for concentration setting .
Adapter for installation on inlet in the barrel with thread G2“ .
Output hose 1" with a st eel frame spiral .
Hook to hang the outlet hose on the barrel .
Suction piping .
T ec hnic al data:
Range of operation pressures for the T - MIX- 7
Resultant concentration
2,0 – 6,0 bar
max 1,000 l/hour
0,1 – 20 %
Installation and operation of e quipment :
Installation in the barrel .
Unpack the mixing valve .
Install the inlet hose to the input terminal [1] of mixer
Unscrew the large cap on the barrel .
Insert the suction pipe [9] of mixing to barrel.
Fit the mixer in barrel by screwing the adapt er [6] to thread the hole barrel .
End suction pipe should be based on the bottom of the barrel .
Close the inlet valve [2] .
Connect the inlet hose to the water pressure .
It is now ready for mixing work .
Setting the concentration .
The numerical scale control [3] is proportion ie individual numbers are not a
direct expression of the outlet concentration of the liquid .
Rotate the control [3] clockwise to adjust the zero concentration .
The control [3] turn counterclockwise to set the example. numbe r "I3I".
Place the free end of the exit tube [7] in the tank / vessel specified to fulfill .
Open the inlet valve [2] by turning the lever 90 degrees .
After mixing stabilization close valve [2] .
Measure the liquid concentration refractometer .
If this concentration is not, then add the control or Reduce the concentrations indicated
and repeat the process until you measure the desired concentration .
After adjusting the concentration of inlet valve [2] opening the flow .
Valve closing [2] to stop the flow .
After closing the valve [2] hang outlet hose [7], so that the free end over the mixing
valve body .
Maintenance of equipment .
Devise is to be maintained clean. Prior change of the concentration rinse the mixer with
clean water. Set the minimal concent ration through the controller [3] and position the hose [7]
to the waste vessel, immerse suction pipe [9] to clean water and start/up the mixer by opening
the valve [2]. Having rinsed the device, it is suitable for use in another product.
The mixer should be cleaned prior each transport of the device in a way described in the
section "Device maintenance".
D u ri n g o p e ra t i o n t a k e c a re t o p re v e n t c l o g g i n g o f t h e o u t l e t h o s e !
Do not put objects on the mixer or hoses.
D u ri n g o p e ra t i o n w e a r p ro t e c t i v e m e a n s , e . g . : p ro t e c t i v e g l o v e s , p ro j e c t i v e c l o t h i n g , a n d o t h e rs , a c c o rd i n g
t o n a t u re o f m i x e d l i q u i d s .
O b s e rv e a l s o a l l re g u l a t i o n s o f " O c c u p a t i o n a l S a f e t y ” a c c o rd i n g t o n a t u re o f m i x e d l i q u i d s .
Y o u s h o u l d d i s p o s e t h e d e v i c e i n s p e c i a l c o n t a i n e r d e d i c a t e d f o r t h i s p u rp o s e .
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