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J55/J55i Headphones
High-performance on-ear headphones with JBL® Pure Bass and DJ-pivot ear-cups
legendary sound since 1946
For pure
beats JBL .
For more than 60 years, JBL® engineers have designed the precise, naturally
articulated sound found in cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world.
That legendary JBL sound is now available anywhere personal audio travels – with a
look all its own.
The JBL J55 headphones literally put you in the center of professional-grade audio.
Drawing on years of expertise building some of the finest loudspeakers in the
world, JBL engineers created lightweight, on-ear headphones with a fresh look and
uncompromising JBL sound. The JBL J55 high-performance drivers generate clarity
and extended bass that competitive products simply can’t touch. A unique, DJ-pivot
mechanism lets you rotate either ear cup up to 180 degrees, which frees up one ear
to hear outside sound. Bold styling, including brushed, stainless-steel ear cup and
headband accents, makes the JBL J55 headphones an aesthetic, as well as acoustic,
triumph. Plus, the padded headband and ear cushions make these headphones
comfortable for everyone except our competitors.
Premium, high-performance drivers
Rugged strain relief
Closed-back design
Rotating, 180-degree, DJ-pivot mechanism
Apple three-button remote with
built-in microphone (J55i model)
Single-side, detachable cable
Bold design and premium finishing
Cable-locking mechanism
Padded carrying pouch
J55/J55i Headphones
JBL knows what it takes to bring accurate, powerful sound to a venue, whether
that venue is a concert hall or the human ear.
Premium, high-performance drivers
The JBL J55 headphones employ 1-5/8-inch
(40mm) drivers that produce outstanding
frequency response (16Hz – 20kHz), superior
clarity and bass that is pure, deep and accurate.
As a result, the JBL J55 headphones outperform
competitive products costing much more.
Single-side, detachable cable
The JBL J55 headphones use a tangleresistant, flat-elastomer cable that connects
to just one ear cup, which further minimizes
tangling. The cable detaches from the ear
cup for added flexibility.
Apple three-button remote with
built-in microphone (J55i model)
Made specifically to use with the iPhone
and iPod, the in-line remote offers familiar
audio-playback controls, and a built-in
microphone lets you answer calls with
remarkable clarity while leaving the
headphones on.
Closed-back design
The JBL J55 on-ear headphones feature a
closed-back design that blocks ambient noise
and minimizes leaking. So outside noise stays
outside, and your listening experience stays
yours and yours alone.
Cable-locking mechanism
To keep the detachable cable secure when it’s
connected, the JBL J55 headphones employ a
unique, twist-lock mechanism. When you plug
the cable into the ear cup, a simple twist locks
it in place.
Bold design and premium finishing
From the sandblasted stainless-steel headband
and ear-cup accents to the matte-black or
-white housings, and from the embossed JBL
logo to the cable that matches the ear pads,
the JBL J55 headphones are designed to be as
pleasing to the eyes as they are to the ears.
Rotating, 180-degree
DJ-pivot mechanism
Sometimes you need to be aware of more than
just your music. The JBL J55 earphone ear
cups can rotate up to 180 degrees while you’re
wearing them so you can keep one ear on
your audio and one ear on external sounds or
conversations. The ear cups can rotate under
the headband for storage and transport.
Rugged strain relief
A strong, secure connection between the
housing and cable is critical for both durability
and sound quality. The JBL J55 headphones
feature a rugged strain-relief connector that
dampens vibration for enhanced acoustic
Padded carrying pouch
JBL sound is always worth protecting. The
JBL J55 headphones come with a padded
carrying pouch that keeps them safe from
bumps and bruises when you’re not wearing
J55/J55i Headphones
Acoustic performance that outclasses the competition.
What’s included:
set of JBL J55 or J55i in-ear headphones
•1 4-feet, 3-3/16-inches (1.3M), single-side, detachable,
flat-elastomer cable
•1 hard-form padded carrying pouch with internal storage
•Owner’s Manual
•Warranty card
JBL J55/J55i Headphones
• Type:
On-ear style
driver: 1-5/8-inch (40mm)
• Frequency response: 10Hz – 24kHz
• Impedance: 40Ω
• Flat-elastomer cable: 4' 3-3/16" (1.3M), single-side, detachable
• Plug: 1/8" (3.5mm) gold plated
• Premium
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