Crossfade Two CF2

Crossfade Two
SPEED - Allows adjustment of the complete fading
cycle between 0.5 and 100 seconds.
TWO DIMMABLE CHANNELS of 5 Amps resistive
or 3 Amps inductive load.
CROSSPOINT - Adjusts the combined light level at
the crossover points in the cycle. At minimum, one
channel is off whilst the other fades up then
down. At midway the crossover point is at half
brightness giving a constant light level. At maximum
one channel is always fully on whilst the other is
OPERATES most types of lighting including neon
and low voltage lamps.
VARIABLE speed crossfade.
QUICK BLOW FUSES for complete triac protection.
SURFACE or wall mounting.
DIMMER - Controls the overall lighting level. An
internal preset control is also provided to allow the
brightness of channel 1 to be adjusted independently.
This may be used to compensate for lights of differing
UNIQUE crosspoint control.
IDEAL for shop window and foyer displays.
EASY to install.
STATIC - Stops the cycling action and switches
both channels to the level set by dimmer control.
MODE products are guaranteed for two years.
Mains Supply
200-250 volt, 50-60Hz. 10 amp maximum.
Control Fuse
500mA anti surge.
This product must be earthed.
Channel Outputs Two channels rated at 5 amp Resistive, 3 amp Inductive.
Output Protection DIN41571 5 amp (F) 20mm x 5mm fuse.
Control Inputs
Front panel controls.
Conduit Entries Five of 20mm.
279 mm x 157 mm x 67 mm.
Fixing Centres
1.15 kgs.
Packed Size
Packed Weight
480 mm x 230 mm x 110 mm.
1.7 kgs.
Mode Lighting (UK) Ltd, The Maltings, 63 High Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9AD, ENGLAND. Telephone:+44 (0)1920 462121
Facsimile:+44 (0)1920 466881
The Mode ‘Crossfade Two’ is a compact two channel crossfade unit specifically designed to meet the requirements
of shop fitters and club designers in creating a subtle and interesting lighting effects.
The “Crossfade Two” can be panel or wall mounted in any position. Remove front panel for access to fixing
holes and terminals.
Five 20mm conduit entry holes are provided at the left hand end of the case. The unit has a metal case and
Two spare fuses are provided. Only quick-blow fuses type DIN 41571 5 amp (F) will protect the unit from
damage caused by short circuits or lamp failures. Replacement fuses are obtainable from Mode Lighting
(UK) Limited.
Where lighting leads have been run close to sensitive audio circuits, it is advisable to use screened
lighting cable.
Mode was established in 1970 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer in Hertfordshire, England. Mode designs and
manufactures electronic products principally for the lighting industry, initially supplying the discotheque market and
more recently expanding into the architectural and cruise ship markets. Mode is a subsidiary of a privately owned
Holding Company and has five associated electronic companies who together trade as “The Mode Group”.
Mode Lighting (UK) Limited reserve the right without notice to amend the technical information and specifications.
DS015 - 12/03
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