UKP Tablet Guide

Turning On
Your Tablet!
UNICEF Kid Power Tablet Guide
This Android tablet is for you and your students to sync your Kid Power Bands to the UNICEF Kid
Power School app, making sure every Kid Power Point earned is unlocking therapeutic food packets.
Your tablet is data enabled through the end of Kid Power Month, so you won’t need Wi-Fi. At the
end of the school year, you’ll receive an envelope to send the tablet back to us, and we can get it ready
for next year!
For now, to get your tablet up and running, follow these two easy steps!
Charge your tablet
and turn it on
Launch the UNICEF Kid
Power Schools app
Plug the charging cable in at
the bottom of the tablet.
Turn the tablet on by holding
the power button located on
the right side above the
volume control buttons.
Tap on the
Kid Power Schools icon
to launch the app.
Here are a few additional notes to keep in mind about
the tablet:
1) The Kid Power Launcher blocks all other tablet features & applications by
default to keep kids safe. This way, your students will be able to sync their
Kid Power Bands and use the tablet without accessing the internet or any
other apps.
2) In addition to the Kid Power Schools app, you may want to use the tablet
for other educational purposes or need to adjust the tablet’s settings.
To do either of these, you’ll need to exit the Kid Power Launcher.
To exit the Launcher:
Tap the “exit” icon (with the right-facing arrow) at the
top right corner. Enter the PIN: 4657
Note: You can change the PIN to another code of your liking.
To do this, tap on the icon with three horizontally stacked
dots in the top right corner and select “Change PIN”. After
you confirm the current PIN, you will be able to select a new one.
Your tablet
passwords are:
Kid Power
Launcher exit
PIN: 4657
Google Play
If you need
please email:
3) The Kid Power Schools app may need to be updated during the school
year. If this happens, a message will appear on the screen to inform you
of the update. When prompted to enter the password for Google Play,
type: getActive
To learn more about UNICEF Kid Power,
please visit
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