Instant Music

Instant Music
Instant Music
• Simple USB device
designed for easy
capture of music
• Convert cassette
tapes and LP’s into
Digital Music.
• Record direct to
.WAV, .MP3, .WMA,
.AAC, and more….
Why Instant Music?
• Provides an easy way to preserve their
music collection.
• Useful tool to convert analog audio into
popular digital music formats.
• Rides the wave of the MP3 player
• Audio capture is a great companion
product to our video capture line.
Instant Music
USB Bus Powered – No Power Supply
Right and Left Stereo RCA Audio inputs
Right and Left Stereo RCA Audio outputs
SP/Dif Digital Audio input and outputs
Records 16 bit stereo at 48 KHz
Cross Platform – works on Windows and MAC
• Uses Standard USB Audio drivers (Win/Mac)– no extra
driver installation required….just plug in and Record!
Instant Music
• Power Recording and audio
editing software included.
• 3 Cool applications from
• NeroMix
• Nero Sound-Trax
• Nero Wave Editor
• Capture Direct to your desired audio format.
• Burn CD’s
• Mix tracks, add effects, use the Equalizer to
customize the sound.
• Use as your Music player
• Create disc labels
Nero Sound-Trax
Multi-Track audio edit
Create Audio CD’s with your own mix
Add cross-fades and track effects
Add volume or pan curves
Automatically Create separate tracks
Includes Wizard for easy vinyl-to-CD or Tape-to-CD
Nero Wave Editor
Non-destructive editing
Real time audioprocessing
Automatic track splitting
Support for DirectX audio filter plug-ins
Effects tab with – reverb, chorus, flanger, delay,
wah-wah, phaser, voice…and more
• EQ, time stretching, stereo processor
• Noise reduction, Declicker
Instant Music and MAC
• Instant Music works with Apple Software
– Garage Band (included in iLife) and Sound Studio 2.1
Instant Music
• Support for Win and MAC
• Includes 3 software
• High Quality USB digital audio
• Includes USB and Audio
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