Using the Webcam Video - e

Use Webcam Video in e-Channel
This document is intended for the following e-Channel users: leaders and co-presenters.
Put a Face to the Voice with the Video Tool
Learn how you can make a more personal connection during introductions or closing
remarks, see your participants, or enhance a panel discussion in your e-Channel session
or e-Meeting using the Saba Video tool.
Begin by Testing your Webcam
Before turning your webcam on you should use the
Video wizard to ensure that the correct camera is
selected and that it is positioned accurately. To open
the Video Wizard, click on the Test video square (in
Pre-Session) or the drop-down arrow beside the
camera icon above the communication tools.
Note - Your webcam settings
(e.g. zoom, focus, etc.) will
need to be adjusted outside
of Saba using your webcam’s
Note - Others will not be able to see
your webcam image while you are
using the Video wizard. This is the
best time to adjust your appearance,
lighting, and check for embarrassing
things in the background!
Turn on Your Webcam Video
Click on the left side of the Camera icon to turn on
your webcam. The icon will have a green border
when it is turned on and your video will be
displayed below the Chat area. You can also click
the webcam icon beside your name in the
Attendees list.
When your camera is on there will be a
green camera icon displayed beside your
name in the Attendees list.
You can undock the video by clicking on the
undock symbol in the top right corner of
the video area. When it is undocked, you
can move the video image anywhere on the
Dock the video again by clicking on the
dock symbol.
Enable Participants’ Webcams
If participants are equipped with a camera, there will be a camera symbol beside their
name in the Attendee list. If the colour of the symbol is grey, you must enable the
participant’s camera before they can activate it.
To enable everyone’s cameras, right-click on the people icon in the area below the
Attendees list and select “All Cameras On”. To enable an individual’s camera, right-click on
their name in the Attendee’s list and select “Give Camera Privilege” or click the grey
webcam icon beside their name in the Attendee’s list.
A red symbol indicates a camera is present and enabled, but the participant has not turned
it on. A green symbol indicates that a camera is on and activated.
Note - Webcams are not available in Breakout rooms.
Up to eight webcams can be shown simultaneously however you will want to consider if your
participants are on Wi-Fi or do not have a strong network connection.
By default, all camera images will be displayed at once. This is called “Multi-Video”. Images
will be displayed along the bottom of the media window, however, they can be undocked
and displayed as a separate window that can be reconfigured.
To reconfigure the multi-video display to horizontal,
click on the three dots to the left of the dock icon.
Primary Video
A leader or co-presenter can designate one video as Primary by clicking on the star icon in
the top-right corner of that webcam image. The primary video size can be adjusted with
the slider (while docked) or by resizing the undocked window.
To automatically switch video control (the displayed webcam) to whoever is currently
speaking, go to Settings > Audio & Video and select “Single-point video with auto-switching”.
When a person with a webcam turned on turns on their microphone their webcam image
will display. When the next person turns on their microphone, their webcam image will be
displayed. The session leader will have priority and be able to override participant webcams.
Turning off Your Webcam
To stop broadcasting your webcam image, click on the camera icon again.
Webcam Tips
 Webcam images can be affected by the Internet connection, as well as when the upload
speed is not as high as the download speed.
 If the Internet connection gets slower, the video will either degrade or disappear
completely and could cause sites with slow connections to disconnect.
 Remind participants that if they can see their webcam image in the area below the chat
window, or in an undocked window (i.e. NOT in the Video Wizard), then others can see
their image as well.
 By default, webcam images will be displayed during recorded playbacks, however one
must open the left side bar in the playback interface to see them.
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