Tiers Complete Keyboard Solutions

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Tiers Complete Keyboard
Tiers offers 16 complete keyboard solutions. Each includes one of four
unique keyboard platforms and one of four arm options. Tiers is designed
to seamlessly integrate with any Teknion product line. Specific applications
to our worksurfaces are shown in the Application Matrices shown in the
General Information section.
Tiers Keyboard Platforms
• Available in aluminum, HDPE, or phenolic
• Designed for left or right hand mousing
• Multiple mouse platform adjustment features
• Have slim profiles
• Comes with removable Thin Edge palmrest
Range of adjustment for Extended "B" & Standard "C" mechanism arms.
• Mouse surface wire management
Height & Tilt Ranges
The height and tilt adjustment range for a keyboard combination is
determined by the keyboard arm mechanism selected. Range measurements
shown with each mechanism on page 9. Track lengths are designed to allow
the keyboards to retract beneath a worksurface when not in use and allow
for universal planning.
Mouse Surface
Product Code
"Tool Free"
Left or Right
Left or Right
Tool-Free Left or Right Hand Accommodation
Both “T1” Aluminum and “T4” Large Phenolic keyboard
solutions include tool-free reconfiguration for left or right
hand users.
complements - June 19, 2017
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Tiers Adjustable Arm
Mechanism Options
Platform Storage
Track lengths of 21" and 17" are designed to allow keyboard solutions to retract beneath the worksurface. Track length of 17" allows for universal
planning under surfaces greater than or equal to 18".
Tier Adjustable Arm Mechanism
Manual Tilt
Track Length
Space Saver
22.5" to 36.75"
21.75" to 30.25"
21.75" to 30.25"
23.25" to 29"
* Actual platform heights are dependant on YKMT selection
Tiers A, B, C
Tiers D
Tiers Adjustable Arm Mechanism Options
All Tiers arm mechanisms come standard with the following features:
• Simple intuitive adjustments
• Two options of tilt range; positive and negative tilt (10° to -15°) or negative tilt only (0° to -15°)
• 360° arm rotation
• Fully retractable to provide extra room when not using the computer
• Smooth underside to eliminate catching clothing
Together with all thin profile platforms, Tiers arm options “B” Extended and “C” Standard come with a slim tray attachment that allows the
keyboard solution maximum up/down movement while using very little thigh and knee space under the work surface.
complements - June 19, 2017
ergonomics & accessories
Tiers Complete Keyboard
Solutions Guidance
Tiers keyboard solutions are designed for various levels of computer use.
The following outlines the keyboard solutions recommended for each
application. Alternate solutions are available dependent on the application.
Intensive User (>4 hours of computer use)
“T1” Aluminum or “T2” HDPE with “A” Sit/Stand or
“B” Extended Arm: T1 and T2 include a 3D adjustable
mouse surface that easily reconfigures to left and right hand
users. Arm options A and B provide a large range of user
height adjustment with feedback gauge. A Tiers Thin Edge
antimicrobial palmrest promotes healthy postures and a
healthy workspace.
Dual Arm Keyboard Support (YKKW): Dual arm keyboard
solution with full width tray. Provides a solid platform for
intensive keyboard and mouse use with +6/-7" of height
adjustment and +/-15˚ tilt. Can be added to any rectangular
surface offered in a fixed position and retractable version.
Intermittent User (2 to 4 hours of computer use)
“T3” Small Phenolic or “T4” Large Phenolic with “B”
Extended or “C” Standard Arm: T3 and T4 slim profile trays
provide durable keyboard solutions with adjustability. T3 has
a swivel mouse surface and T4 has tool free left and right hand
complements - June 19, 2017
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Tiers Special
Applications Guide
Tiers “Shift” is available on “T1” Aluminum. Shift allows the user to slide the keyboard platform to the left or right to refocus the keyboard solution to
their task. For example, a right hand orientation that is mouse intensive could shift the tray left and position the mouse surface over numeric resulting
in a more convenient and comfortable posture for the user.
Note how the tray position changes relative to the arm.
Removable Thin Edge Palmrest
Tiers thin edge antimicrobial palmrest is easily removed
without the use of tools. Replacement and individual
palmrests are available (ACGTT).
Quick Install Feature
Tiers “T1” Aluminum features a pin & knob system that does not require
any tools for installation.
Arms A, B, and C all come with threaded tray heads for quick and easy
installation of any Tiers keyboard platform.
complements - June 19, 2017
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