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Epocrates Rx®
Epocrates® Online
Free mobile drug and formulary reference
Free web-based drug and formulary reference
Epocrates Online Includes:
•More than 3,300 brand and generic drugs •More than 3,300 brand name and including dosing, pricing, and adverse reactions
generic drugs
•Drug-drug interaction checker
•Diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of • Hundreds of health insurance formularies, conditions
including all Medicare Part D plans
•Drug-drug interaction checker
•Drug pricing and Pill pictures
•Patient education handouts (English/Spanish)
•Guidelines and clinical tables
•Health insurance and Medicare Part D •More than 30 medical formulas
Available now at
SHM and Epocrates have teamed up to
create, Hospitalist Connection, the first
HM resource center for Palm®, Windows
Mobile®, and iPhone® platforms. The new
mobile platform will deliver exclusive
commentary on the latest news and
If you are already an Epocrates user, you can install the Hospitalist Connection Mobile Resource Center on your iPhone/iPod Touch, Palm or Windows Mobile Device:
• iPhone/iPod Touch users: You will automatically see the Hospitalist Connection MRC after updating Epocrates on your device.
• Palm or Windows Mobile users: You will need to log in to your Epocrates account and opt-in to the Hospitalist Connection MRC. You will then need to sync your device to access the resource center.
research in HM and hospitalist practice
For further information or detailed instructions visit
If you would like to download Epocrates software on your
device for the first time follow the instructions below:*
iPhone® or iPod touch®
Step 1. On your iPhone, tap on “App Store”, select search Step 1. Select product at
Step 2. Select your Platform, i.e. Pre/Pixi or Classic
at the bottom, type and select “Epocrates”
Step 2. Enter iTunes username/password
Step 3. Follow download instructions on the next screen
Step 3. Locate and tap on “Epocrates” icon
Step 4. Existing User: Enter Epocrates username/password, tap “Continue Installation”
New Users: Tap on “New to Epocrates” and register
Step 1. On your Android device, tap the “Market” icon and Step 5: Purchase Epocrates Essentials on device, or at
search for “Epocrates” and update
Step 2. Select “Epocrates” and tap on “Install”. When the your application
warning appears, tap the “Ok” button
Step 3. When application is installed, tap on “Epocrates” and BlackBerry
Step 1. Select your product at
Step 2. Open the web browser on your BlackBerry and go to
Step 3. Select the “Install Now” button
Step 4. Follow the displayed instructions
Step 5. At the AutoUpdate Screen, enter your Epocrates username/password, and select the
“Continue Installation” button.
follow the on-screen instructions
Windows Mobile
Visit us on the web for detailed instructions,
Questions, concerns or for live assistance please
call us at 1-800-230-2150. You can also email
us at
*Please note that the Hospitalist Connection is only available on the iPhone/iPod Touch,
Palm and Windows Mobile Platforms.
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