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GROHE F-digital Deluxe
stimulate your senses
Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and well-being. A world in which your entire body is surrounded
by water heated to the perfect temperature, in which light and music can be adapted to suit your mood,
and soothing steam relaxes every muscle. A world of well-being in which design and comfort combine
to form a harmonious whole, where a single touch transforms your shower into your own personal spa.
Welcome to the world of GROHE F-digital Deluxe, the unique shower experience for all your senses.
F-digital Deluxe
GROHE F-digital Deluxe is a completely new shower concept, which goes beyond the normal requirements
of hygiene and cleansing to deliver a unique sensory experience. Atmospheric lighting, gentle steam and
relaxing music have a positive effect on your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and become part
of your daily shower experience, thanks to the GROHE F-digital Deluxe light, steam and sound modules.
All of the functions can be controlled simply and intuitively using an Apple iPod Touch 4G.
With just one touch of the Apple iPod
Touch 4G you can transform your shower
into your own personal spa featuring soft
lighting, relaxing steam and your favourite
With GROHE’s light modules, you can
change the colours to suit your mood
and enjoy a personalised chromatherapy
experience while showering.
With GROHE’s sound modules, you
can now enjoy your favourite music
while showering.
Experience regeneration in its purest
form with GROHE’s steam modules.
Gentle steam not only enhances our
sense of emotional well-being, but also
has a positive effect on the entire body.
The F-digital Deluxe docking station, the base unit box and the Apple iPod Touch 4G are required for
the operation of light, sound, steam and customised options. Apple iPod Touch 4G and the GROHE SPA®
F-digital Deluxe app must be purchased separately from an authorised Apple retailer or iTunes. | GROHE F-digital Deluxe | Page 3
GROHE Grandera™
Welcome home
Home is less a specific place and more a certain feeling. A feeling of familiarity, comfort
and security. Somewhere you can recharge your batteries and just relax. A place of retreat,
somewhere everything is exactly as it should be. Every detail just right. From the ceiling
lights to the floorboards. Nothing left to chance. Especially not in the bathroom, your own
personal spa. Welcome home. To GROHE Grandera™.
THE Grohe Squircle
Inspired by the squircle, the GROHE Grandera™ collection combines circles and squares
in an innovative design that is both elegant and powerful, timeless and modern. The result
is unique faucets and showers that seem to defy the laws of geometry. Edges, arcs, lines
and squares all flow into each other providing the perfect backdrop to water in all its beauty.
For the team at GROHE, design is much more than an afterthought. Our passion is combining
form and function to optimum effect. That‘s why we keep breaking new ground – as with
GROHE Grandera™. Inspired by the squircle, our design team developed a shape that
reconciles seeming opposites in a completely new aesthetic. | GROHE Grandera™ | Page 5
Grohe GranDera™
Welcome home
One of the guiding principles in the development of the Grandera™ collection
was to afford you complete freedom in planning and designing your bathroom.
Only then can you realise your vision of design and comfort throughout the
bathroom without having to accept any compromises. Our perfectly tailored
solutions offer you everything you need to make your dream bathroom a reality
– from the faucets to the soap dispenser.
Bright and precise – the Grandera™ collection in the chrome
finish casts your bathroom in a very special light. And for a very,
very long time. GROHE SilkMove® technology ensures ultimate
ease of use.
21 107 000 I Basin mixer
Chrome – 000
Luxurious and elegant – the chrome/gold finish is the
quintessence of style and comfort. Gold accents on the base,
spout and lever demonstrate Grohe‘s attention to detail and
passion for extraordinary design. GROHE StarLight® technology
means that our faucets are particularly scratch-resistant and
keep their shine for years.
20 389 IG0 I 3-hole basin mixer high spout
Chrome/Gold – IG0
riGht DoWn to
the smallest Detail
For our Grandera™ accessories
we choose only top-quality
ceramics that blend perfectly
into every bathroom design.
23 303 000 I Basin mixer
In addition to the perfectly shaped faucets and showers,
GROHE Grandera™ also features a wide range of stylish
accessories perfectly tailored to the collection. An elegant
lamp, soap dispenser or toothbrush tumbler not only
completes the design scheme in your bathroom, but also
enhances comfort thanks to careful positioning. | GROHE Grandera™ | Page 7
GROHE Power&Soul®
Just One click
How do you like your shower? An invigorating burst of water to energise and stimulate, cleansing your body and
awakening your mind? Or something a little more relaxing: soft, restorative air-infused bubbles that gently caress your
skin. GROHE Power&Soul® showers have been created with perfect understanding of your moods and needs. An
indulgent choice of four innovative spray patterns - GROHE Rain O 2, Rain, Bokoma Spray™ and Jet and combinations
of up to seven mixed spray patterns - ensures a perfect shower for every mood. Power&Soul® hand and head showers
also feature our new One-Click Showering – switching between patterns has never been easier. And with three sizes
of hand showers to choose from, all types of installation are catered for.
A focused circular spray which delivers
a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for
stimulating the skin or simply cleaning
the bathtub or shower.
GROHE Bokoma Spray™
Eight dynamic spray nozzles create
a ‘breathing’ effect, recreating the
tension-relieving sensation of a fingertip
Grohe Rain O2
A soft, smooth spray based on our original
Rain. Air is drawn into the shower head
and mixed with water for a wider and fuller
Wide and luxurious – a soft, delicate
pattern to soothe the skin. Mimicking
warm summer rain, this spray provides
full and even coverage.
27 672 000 I Hand shower 130
27 909 000 I Shower system 190 with thermostat and hand shower Power&Soul® 115 | GROHE Power&Soul® | Page 9
GROHE Eurocube
Leading Edge
For a sharp, tailored look in your bathroom, choose Eurocube. Here is a design so cleverly engineered
that we are able to offer an extensive choice of faucets featuring a perfectly square design for the basin,
bidet, shower and bath. Across the range, cut-out detailing on the lever handles reduces the perceived
volume of each piece while highlighting the minimalist appeal of the collection.
23 145 000 + 27 700 000 I Shower mixer and Shower set
23 127 000 I Basin mixer
23 141 000 I Bath/shower mixer with shower wall holder set | GROHE Eurocube | Page 11
GROHE Eurosmart Cosmo
Modern Favorite
An extensive line-up of products brings architectural design to a wider audience offering six styles of washbasin faucet
to complement the latest bathroom ceramics. Product choices include high and medium-high spouts as well as electronic
control for excellent ease of use. The lozenge-shaped lever handle is pitched at an angle of seven degrees and benefits
from GROHE SilkMove®, our superior cartridge technology that delivers smooth operation to last a lifetime, across the
collection. The basin mixer also features GROHE SilkMove® ES. This technology not only offers unique smoothness of
operation, but also encourages responsible conservation of energy and water.
168 mm
148 mm
90 mm
122 mm
32 832 000 I Bath/shower mixer with shower-wall holder set
23 325 000 I Medium-height basin mixer with GROHE EcoJoy™ | GROHE Eurosmart Cosmopolitan | Page 13
Grohtherm 2000 neW
Grohe neW temPesta
Better than ever
Welcome to Grohtherm 2000 New – the latest generation of our most successful thermostat ever. Now
redesigned and packed with the very latest GROHE technology, it delivers an even more enjoyable bathing
and showering experience but is safer and kinder to the environment.
The elegant design of Grohtherm 2000 New ensures it will complement any bathroom design scheme while
also making it our most intuitive and ergonomic thermostat ever. Controlling the flow and the temperature of
water has never been easier. The improved Grohtherm 2000 New sets an unbeatable standard for bathroom
best value for money
2000 New
New Tempesta
This exclusive yet practical shower line is created to ensure complete coordination
with your bathroom design, whether contemporary, cosmopolitan or authentic.
GROHE New Tempesta’s totally flexible installation puts your convenience first.
Choose from a variety of overhead and hand showers, and wall and rail sets, to
maximise your showering pleasure.
34 464 001 I Thermostatic bath/shower mixer with GROHE Easy Reach™ shower tray
27 922 000 I Shower system 160 with thermostat, hand shower II, 390 mm shower arm
A soft, smooth and wide spray based
on our original Rain. Air is drawn into
the shower head and mixed with the
water for a wider and fuller spray.
GROHE Aquadimmer® Eco
GROHE XL Waterfall
GROHE Pro-Grip
GROHE Aqua Paddles
A pulsating spray pattern
for a stimulating massage.
A wide, luxurious and delicate spray
to soothe the skin. Mimicking warm
summer rain, this spray provides
a full and even coverage.
A focused circular spray, which delivers
a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for
stimulating the skin or simply cleaning
the bathtub or shower.
*new design
available October 2013 | Grotherm 2000 New | GROHE New Tempesta | Page 15
Grohe Wall Plates
GROHE rainshoWer®
Rainshower® icon
all on one Platform
Award-winning halo shaPe
shape DesiGn
GROHE’s Rainshower® Showers take the award-winning halo shape design of Rainshower® Icon to the next level.
Precise engineering of the shower jets combined with GROHE DreamSpray® technology ensures the central water
jets converge to create a full spray – for perfect delivery of the Rain spray pattern.
The EcoButton on the shower handle allows effortless, fingertip water-saving whenever you need it. Simply slide
and reduce the water use by up to 40%.
GROHE wall plates complement any bathroom, thanks to their combination
of online design, quick installation and ease of maintenance. All wall plates can
be installed vertically or horizontally and are compatible with all GROHE cisterns.
There are over 130 options, all offering straightforward installation and great
customer satisfaction. You’re sure to find the perfect solution for your bathroom.
Wall plates
Hand shower 150
27 276 LS0 / 27 276 000 I Hand shower Icon 150, 2 spray patterns: Rain, SmartRain | GROHE Rainshower® Icon | GROHE Wall Plates | Page 17
Pure Freude an Wasser
GROHE Technology
Given the great diversity of GROHE’s range, it’s almost a shame that our products last a lifetime. How
come they do? We continuously work at understanding our customer’s needs and on developing the right
solution. We turn the world’s leading, green technology into picture-perfect products that make life as
convenient as possible and deliver on our promise “Pure Freude an Wasser”.
GROHE’s trademark technologies include GROHE SilkMove® – special Teflon-lubricate ceramic cartridges
that produce almost frictionless performance and thus long life. Lifecycle tested over the course of
400,000 operations, GROHE SilkMove® comes with an extra-wide operating angle, with a unique ‘comfort
zone’ that provides gradual and precise temperature adjustment. Then there is GROHE StarLight®. This
technology guarantees that your faucets look brand new for many years, keeping their lustre whatever
the world throws at them.
Save precious resources and
enjoy 100% water comfort.
Lead-free, corrosion-resistant
faucets thanks to the unique
GROHE-developed alloy.
GROHE SilkMove®
Smoothest handling for effortless
precision and ultimate comfort to
last a lifetime.
GROHE StarLight®
Made-to-last surfaces ranging from
precious matt to high diamond shine.
GROHE DreamSpray®
Innovative quality showers for
luxurious revitalisation and wellbeing.
GROHE Digital®
Intuitive digital technology
at your fingertips.
GROHE CoolTouch®
No scalding on hot surfaces thanks
to 100% GROHE CoolTouch®.
GROHE TurboStat®
Always the right temperature, for
maximum convenience and safety.
GROHE Whisper®
Innovative water technology
delivering whisper-quiet flushing.
GROHE QuickFix®
Faster, easier and hassle-free,
GROHE QuickFix® cuts installation
time by up to 50%. | GROHE Technology | Page 19
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