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Care and Maintenance:
Note: Water will cause damage to your Finishing Touch™ Lumina.
Do not use Finishing Touch™ Lumina in a damp room or near
water. When not in use, be sure the unit is turned off.
1. Turn the unit off and remove the battery. (see step 1 of
“Inserting/Replacing the Battery.”)
2. Using the enclosed brush, gently wipe away any hair or dust.
Do not remove foreign matter with a sharp object. The removable comb attachment may be washed. However, make sure it
is thoroughly dry before reuse.
3. Replace the cap when storing the Finishing Touch™ Lumina.
Finishing Touch™ Lumina Features:
For full body hair removal
try Finishing Touch Yes!
Off/On Switch
Cleaning Brush
2 Attachment
Distributed by:
2/4 mm
Thank you for the purchase of your new Finishing Touch™ Lumina hair
remover featuring our pivot comfort head and built in light.
Wayne, NJ 07470
Made in China. ©2014 Ideavillage
Note: Prior to first use, test the unit on a small area of your arm or
leg. If any sensitivity or allergic reactions occur, discontinue use
immediately. Do not use your Finishing Touch Lumina™ on
sensitive or irritated skin.
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Inserting/Replacing The Battery:
1. Turn the power off and remove the cap.
While firmly holding the upper part of the
unit, slide off the bottom part to expose the
battery compartment (Figure 1).
4. For the cleanest hair removal, pull your skin taut with one hand
while trimming.
Using The Comb Attachment:
3. Replace the battery cover; be sure the
cover is aligned with the on/off switch
(Figure 3).
proper battery
Attempting to force the cover on incorrectly
may cause damage to the unit.
Important Note:
To avoid damage to your Finishing Touch™
Lumina, ensure that the battery is inserted
in the proper direction indicated by the +/signs. If your Finishing Touch Lumina™ will
not be used for a long period of time,
remove the battery from the unit.
How to use Finishing Touch™ Lumina: (continued)
Figure 1
2. Remove old battery if necessary. Then
insert a new AAA battery following the
polarity indicators (Figure 2 ).
Figure 2
Figure 3
1. Remove the protective cap and slide the power
switch up to the "ON" position (Figure 4).
1. Make sure the unit is turned off.
2. Slide the appropriate side of the comb
attachment onto the unit’s head (Figure
6). Be sure to align the grooves on the
attachment with grooves on the
unit’s head.
3. Be sure the trimming size you prefer is
facing the same direction as the trimmer.
To remove the comb, turn the power off,
hold the sides of the upper part of the
battery cover between your fingers, and
simply slide the comb off.
align cover
with on/off switch
3. Continue to trim in the opposite direction of the hair growth until the
hair is removed.
2. Gently move the unit’s head to the right. Be sure the head is locked
into position prior to use.
To put the head back to the original up-right position.
1. Turn the Finishing Touch™ Lumina off.
2. Gently move the unit’s head to the left. Be sure the head is locked
into position prior to use.
3. Replace the cap when finished.
Figure 4
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Figure 6
1. Remove the cap & be sure the unit is turned off.
2. Hold the unit at a 45 degree angle to your face and trim in the
opposite direction of your hair growth (Figure 5).
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Included with your Finishing Touch™ Lumina are two comb attachments
for trimming eyebrows.The 2mm/4mm comb is for trimming shorter
eyebrows. The 6mm comb is for trimming longer eyebrows.
Using The Pivoting Neck:
How to use Finishing Touch™ Lumina:
Do not apply
excess pressure.
Doing so may
result in injury
to the skin and
damage to the
unit’s head.
6 mm
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid direct eye exposure.
Figure 5
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• Do not look directly into
light during use.
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