Model C7130 C/Port

Model C7130 C/Port
Connect to PC Blades over Cat-5 Cable
Located at the user’s desktop, this remote
unit interfaces with the centralized PC blade.
It requires no special software, has no
moving parts that can fail, contains no
removable parts to encourage user
tampering and theft. It quickly and easily
connects to standard peripherals including
monitor, keyboard, mouse, audio input/output devices and USB peripherals. With its compact design, the
C/Port can rest on the desktop or be mounted underneath the desk with an optional mounting bracket.
Automatic sharpness and color tuning circuitry reduces installation time and ensures users experience
optimal display quality with no or minimal fine tuning required.
The C/Port uses solid-state electronic components to send and receive signals from the PC blade over
Category 5 cable, up to a distance of 660 ft. (200m). It has a reset/power button that can reset or power
on the connected Blade and a LED link light to indicate connection status. Because the C/Port has no
moving parts, it generates no sound and only a limited amount of heat at the desktop.
PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
Audio In-microphone
Stereo audio output supports 34 ohm headsets or amplified speaker systems
2 USB ports (100% compliant with USB 1.1)
VGA monitor connection (standard DB-15)
RJ-45 CPU Blade connection
Power connector: 5VDC 3A
Max. Video:
1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Automatic sharpness and color tuning circuitry with manual fine adjustment1
1.3” (H) x 5.1” (D) x 7.7” (W) (3.3 cm x 13.0 cm x 19.6 cm)
1 lb. (0.45 kg)
Power Supply: Universal 100 - 240 VAC, 47-63 Hz input
Standard office installation, 0-35° C
Regulatory Compliance: FCC/CSA Class A, UL1950, IEC950, CE
Up to 200 m (660 ft) distance to PC Blade2
Under-desk mounting bracket (optional)
Automatic color tuning requires connection to an R4300 chassis
See Table 1 below for distance specifications by networking cable type
8834 Capital of Texas Highway North
Austin, Texas 78759
Voice 512.652.3500
Fax 512.652.3501
Toll Free 866-652-3500
Cable TypeÀ
Max. Cable Length Between
Blade and C/Port
Category 5 & 5e
200 meters (660 feet)
Category 6 (≤25 ns skew specification)
Category 6 (26-45 ns skew specification)
200 meters (660 feet) ÀÀ
100 meters (330 feet)
Table 1: C/Port Distance Limitations by Cable Type
C/Ports utilize all four twisted wire pairs in the cable. Customers must ensure all wires in the cable
are properly terminated using a straight through connection method.
Cat-6 cable will support 200 meters if the cable delay skew specification is ≤ 25 ns/100 m. Most
Cat-6e cables DO meet this specification, however most Cat-6 cables DO NOT meet this
Connection View:
C/Port Connection View
Ordering Information
Use the following part numbers to order your C/Port:
G091154 – Model C7130 C/Port
Power Brick (Required)
G081018 – North American Power Brick and Cord
G081019 – United Kingdom/Hong Kong Power Brick and Cord
G081071 – Old United Kingdom Power Brick and Cord
G081025 – European Power Brick and Cord
G081020 – Japanese Power Brick and Cord
G081065 – Australian Power Brick and Cord
Input Devices (Optional – This keyboard and mouse will provide the best compatibility with your ClearCube Blades)
GKM U/Port Blk – Black PS/2 Keyboard & Black USB Optical Wheel Mouse with PS/2 adapter
Accessories (Optional)
G071072 – Under-desk Mounting Bracket
Extended Warranty (Optional)
G091124 – C/Port 3 Yr. Warranty
8834 Capital of Texas Highway North
Austin, Texas 78759
Voice 512.652.3500
Fax 512.652.3501
Toll Free 866-652-3500
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