Capture and video processing from 3D FPV camera

Capture and video processing from 3D FPV camera
“The BlackBird”
For capture of video we need to pick up the necessary equipment and the software.
And so let's start with the equipment:
Computer (further PC)
3D FPV camera “The BlackBird”
Video capture device
Now a few words about software:
1. Download the latest version of VirtaulDub for win32/win64 here:
2. Copy everything from from the archive with the programm VirtualDub, for example, in C:\VirtualDub
3. Download the plugin StereoTools for VirtualDub.
4. Copy the plugin file StereoTools.vdf from the archive in the folder C:\VirtualDub\plugins32\
So the necessary software is installed on your computer. Now we should prepare the equipment and adjust
1. Connect the video capture device to the PC. Install the software (driver) from the capture device to the
PC . Restart the PC (if it is need).
2. Connect the camera to video capture and apply power 5V – 12V to the camera.
3. Start VirtualDub by double clicking on the file VirtualDub.exe
4. Go to the capture mode - select the menu item “File>Capture Avi…”
5. Select our capture device - the menu item “Device> Your Video capture device name”. Now in the
program window VirtualDub should be a picture from the camera as a double image.
6. Select the menu item “Video>Capture Filter”. Set the video standard NTSC_M. The line will be
displayed below « Signal1 is detected», «The lines525 are detected»
7. Select the menu item “Video>Filter Chain”, establish a tick on Enable
8. Select the menu item “Video>Filter Chain\Filter List…”
9. Click “Add”, select Stereo Tools Filter. In the settings enter this:
Click «OK» (settings are actual for the camera «BlackBird»). As a result we`ll receive video in a format side-byside, he will be reduced vertical.
10. Click “Add”, select resize. In settings we enter it:
As a result we stretch the image vertically:
Then you can add the transformation in anaglyph:
11. Click Add, select Stereo Tools Filter. In settings we enter it (for glasses at which at the left red, on the
right blue):
As a result of the previous actions we`ll get the list of the filters:
12. Leave this list, select the menu item «File>Set capture file». Indicate the location on your hard disk and
enter a file name. In the menu item video\compression choose a favorite method of compression.
For example:
If you don`t record audio, in the menu item “Audio\Enable Audio Capture" uncheck.
Start the capture menu item “capture\capture video”.
When you have recorded enough, disable it, selecting a menu item “capture\stop capture”.
If you need another video format, then change settings “resize”.
If it isn't necessary to transform to an anaglyph, you don't carry out item 11.
If the audio is necessary – you don't disable it.
After video capture, for its preservation in a 3D format it is necessary: to leave a mode of capture and to
select “File>Save as AVI”. Indicate the location on your hard disk and enter a file name. Wait for the
processing and then enjoy the result.
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