Onboarding your Organisation and Testing the NZ ORCID Hub

Onboarding your Organisation and Testing the NZ ORCID Hub
As your organisation’s ORCID consortium technical contact, you are responsible for loading your
organisation into the NZ ORCID Hub; this process is known as ‘onboarding’.
Once your organisation has been onboarded to the NZ ORCID Hub, your staff/students will be able
to visit the hub and link their ORCID records to your organisation.
Every consortium member’s ORCID technical contact should:
Go through the onboarding process in our test NZ ORCID Hub environment
Connect at least one test ORCID record to their organisation via the test NZ ORCID Hub to
have the user’s employment written to the record.
Once we are satisfied that the above has been successful we will ask you to repeat it in the real or
‘production’ Hub environment.
1. Send us an email at orcid@royalsociety.org.nz to let us know you want to test the
process. We will send you an email with the message, ‘Welcome to the NZ ORCID Hub’
with a link to click, asking you to confirm that you are the organisation’s nominated
technical contact.
Clicking on that link takes you to the test NZ ORCID Hub’s login screen:
2. Click on ‘login via Tuakiri’. Select your home organisation from the list, then login using
your Tuakiri sign-on. You will be taken to the page shown below from where you will
request your ORCID Client ID and ORCID client secret, as shown – these will be your
organisation’s ORCID credentials that you, as technical contact, are responsible for.
You will receive an email from ORCID containing these credentials. This may take 1-2 days,
as the request is handled manually.
Once you receive these credentials from ORCID go back into the test hub
http://test.orcidhub.org.nz/ You should be returned to the page to enter your credentials
into the Hub. If not, click on ‘view your organisation’s ORCID information’ tab at the top of
the screen.
Enter the credentials into the appropriate fields on the above page and click ‘confirmation’.
A message will appear on screen telling you that your organisation has been onboarded. You
will also receive an email from ORCID containing a similar message. If there’s something
wrong with the credentials you’ll be warned; check and make sure there’s no extra spaces,
but if problems persist please contact support.
1. Visit the test hub at http://test.orcidhub.org.nz/
2. Log-in using Tuakiri, as before.
3. Click on the button that asks you to give your organisation permission to connect to your
ORCID ID as shown below
You will be taken to the ORCID sandbox as shown below. The ORCID sandbox is a replica of
ORCID, used for testing. The minimum information that you need in order to create a
sandbox ORCID ID is pre-filled for you: name and email address, (* see below). Enter a
password, go through ORCID’s ‘I’m not a robot’ and click ‘authorize’.
You will then be taken back to the hub and given a message that your ORCID ID is now linked
to your organisation.
Please log back in to the ORCID sandbox and check that your employment is now entered,
with the source of the information being your employer.
If 1. and 2. above are successful please send us an email telling us that you are now ready to
be onboarded to the ‘real’ production hub. You can one or two other people at your
organisation to visit the test hub and connect sandbox ORCID iDs to the hub, as a further
check, if desired.
If, at any time you are confused or don’t know what to do to onboard your organisation to
the hub and test the hub’s functionality please email us at orcid@royalsociety.org.nx or call
Jill 04 471 8993 or Jason 04 470 5761
* The ORCID sandbox is a replica of ORCID, used for testing. The ORCID sandbox does not
send emails to ‘real’ email addresses. If you want to check that your ORCID sandbox record
is receiving the emails that a real ORCID account user would receive when going through the
ORCID sign-up process, delete the email address pre-filled by the hub in the ORCID sandbox
sign-up page and enter a mailinator email address.
Invent an email address of your choice with the suffix …@mailinator.com (e.g.
Pinocchio@mailinator.com or whatever you choose). You can then go to mailinator and
check that address for emails from ORCID’s sandbox.
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