Canceling a Registration
The Schedule
Division/Schedule Creation
Scheduled Matches
Unscheduled Matches
Bye Weeks
Match Times
Scheduling Matches
How to Schedule
Where to Play
Rescheduling Matches
Court/Guest Fees
Can’t Play Matches
Substitute Policy
Replacement Players
No Shows
Match and Pre-match Rules
Providing Balls
Warm Up
Match Format
Rest Periods & Breaks
Cell Phones
Scoring System
Incomplete Matches
Submitting Scores
Scoring Disputes
On Court Disputes
Scores Reported Incorrectly
Scheduling Disputes
Code of Conduct
Three Strike Conduct Policy
Conduct Requiring
League Suspension
Tencap Flex League Info
Go to the Flex League Homepage and click the “register now” button.
Every player will be placed in the registration division, and will later be
moved into a more specific division that best matches their ability level.
After everyone has registered, a Tencap Tennis League Organizer will
arrange your specific division and will send you your schedule. You
should receive 2 emails after registering. The first email will confirm
your event registration. This may take up to 72 hours from the point of
registration. The second email will come at the end of registration and
will contain both your division and schedule information.
Cancelling a Registration:
To cancel your registration, send an email to
All cancellations need to be made 24hrs before the close of the
registration period. A refund will be given if the cancellation occurs
within 14 days of the player’s initial registration. Cancellation refunds
may take up to 2 weeks to process.
The Schedule
The Tencap Tennis Ratings provide you with compatible play. The
Tencap Flex League format gives you flexibility, convenience, and
enough structure so that you can be sure to make tennis a part of your
schedule. Play when you can, whenever it suits you best. You and your
opponent select the day and time of your matches however they best fit
into your Flex League schedule.
Divisions/Schedule Creation:
After you register and pay for the League you will be put into a division.
Divisions for the event will be created first upon ability level and
secondly upon geographic location. You will be sent an email at the end
of registration letting you know your division and schedule.
• Compatibility is our top priority. The League utilizes Tencap’s
state of the art rating system to ensure compatible play
• Divisions will be coed and their size will vary between 4 and 20
people, depending on both ability level and the amount of people
who sign up
• Average Division size will be 8-12
Scheduled Matches:
• Each player has one assigned match per week. Weeks are marked
on the schedule for your division
• Every effort should be made to play each match during its
scheduled week
• If unable to schedule a match during its designated week, matches
may be played the following week
• Matches must be played and reported (or a default must be
assigned) within a two-week period from their originally
scheduled date
• Weeks are from Monday through Sunday
Matches MAY be played ahead of schedule. This is especially
encouraged when you know you won’t be available during the
scheduled week
All matches need to be played and match scores need to be
submitted prior to the end of the League
Unscheduled Matches:
• Players are encouraged to schedule and play additional matches
against other players in their division
• Unscheduled matches against NEW opponents will count towards
the event standings
• Players will not receive additional points for repeat matches.
Repeat matches can be played if agreed upon by both players, and
League standings will reflect an average of the total points from
each of the matches
However, repeat match scores can be entered to count towards your
overall Tencap rating by entering the match as casual play at the Tencap
Tennis site. These scores will not affect League Standings in the Tencap
Bye Weeks:
Bye weeks can be used either to make up scheduled matches or play
new unscheduled opponents. Bye weeks are necessary when there are
an uneven number of players in a division. At the end of a season
Tencap schedules try to include a bye week, regardless of the number of
players, to give an additional week for make-ups, especially for the final
scheduled week.
Match Times:
Matches need to begin between the start times shown below, unless
both players mutually agree otherwise.
1. Monday - Friday: matches must begin between 5:00pm - 9:00pm
2. Saturday - Sunday: matches must begin between 9:00am - 7:00pm
Scheduling Matches
How to Schedule:
1. Players should offer at least three available days per week to
schedule a match. Ask your opponent what days and times would
be most convenient. If a mutually agreeable day and time is found,
then schedule the match.
2. If a suitable time can't be found during the scheduled week,
players should set up a time during the following week.
3. If a suitable time can't be found during the following week, then
the player who was most available during the primary week of
play has these options:
o Report a default and receive 2 points
o Play the Substitute Player arranged by your opponent
4. The less available player may:
o Be defaulted and receive -3 points
o Schedule a Substitute Player for the more available player
Note: To determine the player who is most available, both players must
count the days they offered to play. Only reasonable times during the
scheduled week of play are counted towards availability.
Where to Play:
Play at your local free tennis courts, tennis parks, condo courts, or
tennis clubs. Tencap strongly suggests that players try to jointly pick a
location convenient to both. If you need assistance, Tencap can provide
an extensive list of tennis courts in your area. Tencap has also arranged
to reserve courts for a fee at few private and public indoor tennis clubs
during certain times of the year. Please contact us for court availability
at clubs in your area. Players are responsible for splitting any fees
required for playing on a court.
Rescheduling Matches:
Each player is allowed only one "reschedule" from the initial match date
before the opposing player is awarded a default. To be eligible for
rescheduling, matches need to be cancelled at least three hours prior to
the scheduled match start time. An opposing player is not obligated to
reschedule any match that is cancelled with less than three hours notice.
To ensure that players are notified in a timely manner of the need to
reschedule a match, players are encouraged to call all listed numbers as
opposed to only email contact. Do not assume contact via email.
Note: Weather related cancellations are exempt from the above rule.
Court Fees and Guest Fees:
Players who mutually agree to play at a court where either a court fee or
a guest fee is required should split the total cost of the fee(s).
Can’t Play Matches
Every attempt possible should be made to play the matches as
scheduled. Defaulted matches reflect poorly on you and could
jeopardize your standing with both your fellow players in the League as
well as with the Tencap Administrators. The options below are
provided to help minimize defaults.
Substitute Policy:
If players cannot play a match, they are encouraged to arrange for a
• First check with individuals within your division
o Any member of the division can fill in as a substitute for
another player
• Substitutes do not have to be part of an event, but must be in the
Tencap Tennis system with a rating that is within the confines of
the division. Find a Match feature on the website can be a helpful
tool for finding substitutes
• Substitutes that are not already in the event division need to be
entered by Tencap Tennis League administrators. When
substitutes are found who are not in the division, email with the substitute’s FULL NAME,
• Players who find a substitute will NOT be charged for a default,
and can play an unscheduled match against their opponent later
in the season. The substitute will receive the points for the
original match. Both players will receive points normally for the
unscheduled match.
• Players playing a substitute will earn points for the match as if
they were playing their original opponent
• Players can only earn points for matches they play
• It is possible for a substitute to win a division, however,
substitutes will not be eligible for prizes or playoffs
Replacement Players:
In the event a player gets injured, or something comes up that makes
them unable to play for longer than a 2-week period, players are
obligated to find a replacement player. A replacement player will take
all remaining matches on the original player’s schedule.
• If this is the case, immediately contact your Tencap Regional
Administrator and explain the situation
• The Find a Match feature of the website should help in finding
replacement players
• Replacement players, like substitutes, must be approved by the
regional Tencap Administrator and must have an active Tencap
rating within the range of the division
Tencap Flex Leagues are about playing. Defaults are strongly
discouraged. Given the resources made available through the
website, defaults should be rare occurrences. However, we understand
that there will be occasional defaults in emergency situations.
Default prior to a match being scheduled:
• A player does not respond to their opponent's phone calls or
emails by Wednesday of the scheduled week of play
• A player is unavailable for any reason to play the match during the
scheduled week of play
The player receiving and reporting the default must select one of the
options below by the appropriate deadline during the given week:
• Play a substitute player (if substitute is arranged by the opponent
this is required)
• Submit a default and receive 2 points
After a default is recorded (this means a substitute was not arranged by
the player who was not available to play and a default was entered into
the system):
• The two players can play an unscheduled match later in the
season. The average of the two scores (the default+ the new
match)/2 will be what counts for the standings.
• DO NOT contact the office if you cannot get in touch with a player.
Instead try the Find A Match feature or contact other players in
your League to schedule a match with a substitute player
• Tencap reserves the option to suspend any player from future
leagues if they default two or more matches in one season
No Shows:
A player is considered a "No Show" if they are more than 20 minutes
late to a match. The waiting player has three options:
1. Wait for the opponent and play the match in spite of the delay.
This the best option if both players have the time. Traffic and
other considerations should be taken into account. If a player
agrees to wait and play the match in spite of a 20 minutes + delay,
the match will stand as played. If players agree to reschedule the
match, the match must be played on the new scheduled date.
2. Play a sub the week of the scheduled match.
3. Report a default because the opponent was more than 20 minutes
late and receive 2 points.
• Keep your cell phone turned on and with you
• Have your opponents’ contact numbers on hand (contact numbers
can be found on the Tencap website)
• Designate a specific meeting place at the facility (many times both
players are at the facility, just in different locations)
• Call your opponent immediately if running late. Provide a timeframe
for when you will arrive. Be considerate of your opponent’s time.
Late arrival is not considerate. Use your best judgment and be
Point scoring will be used to calculate standings, award prizes, and in
some leagues to qualify for the playoffs.
Scoring System:
3 points for every match played
1 Point for every set won
1 Points for every match won
2 Points for getting a default
-3 Points for defaulting
Example 1:
6-4, 6-4
Winner: 6 points
Loser: 3 points
Example 2:
3-6, 6-3, 1-0
Winner: 6 points
Loser: 4 points
Example 3:
Winner: 2 points
Loser: -3 points
Each Division will have its own standings. The player with the most
points will be on top of the standings.
Incomplete Matches:
Players are encouraged to finish all matches. However, if lack of
available court time prevents a match from finishing, scores should be
reported as is. Players will get credit for the sets won and the player
who is leading the match will get credit for the win.
• Sets are considered a tie unless a player is up by more than 1
• If the set is tied and time is running out, a tie-breaker should be
played to determine the winner of the set.
Matches can be completed at a later date if both parties agree. In this
case scores can be updated after the match is completed.
Submitting Scores:
The winner is always responsible for submitting the scores.
Their opponent will be notified once the scores are entered and asked to
verify by email. Scores will automatically verify after 7 days if the
opponent does not verify them.
Scheduled Matches- Go to the event schedule and click the submit score
button next to the match.
Unscheduled Matches- On the schedule page of your division click
schedule match. Select the date and time that you and your opponent
have agreed upon to play and click save changes as draft. Once the
match has been completed, scores should be submitted via the normal
Entering Scores against Substitutes- If a match is played against a
substitute, simply click edit match and change the name of the player
who is not playing to the substitute’s name. If the substitute’s name
does not appear, submit their FULL NAME, CONTACT INFO, and
TENCAP RATING to Review the substitute
Entering a default- Hit the submit scores button next to the schedule.
Click the drop down menu to the right of the box score under
“Retire/Withdraw/Walkover/Default?” and choose the applicable type
of default (ie; “Yes – Default” or “Yes – Retire”). If part of the match was
played and there was a default due to injury or some other
circumstance, the incomplete scores should still be entered.
Submitting a 3rd set tiebreaker- The score for the 3rd set should be
entered 1-0 and the specific score of the tiebreaker should be entered
when prompted.
You need to complete a minimum of 4 matches to be eligible for prizes.
Prizes will be awarded to the first and second place finishers in each
Match and Pre-match Rules
Because matches are not officiated, players are responsible for knowing
and understanding the rules related to match play. Information for
Tencap Tennis matches is provided below.
Providing Balls:
The "home court" player is responsible for providing a new, unopened
can of tennis balls at the start of the match. New balls may be
introduced for the third set if supplied by the player requesting them.
Warm Up:
Players have a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the start of a match to
warm up. Remember, the warm up is not a time to practice "winners",
return of serves, etc. Players should make a good faith effort to hit balls
back to or as close as possible to their opponent.
Match Format:
Indoor matches: Scoring for matches played indoors will be 2 out of 3
six game sets with a 10-point super tie-breaker for the third set. If time
is not limited, players may elect to play the match out (if all agree on
this prior to the start of the match).
Outdoor matches: Matches played outdoors will be played out with a
full third set, unless both players agree prior to the start of the match to
play a third set tie-breaker instead.
Rest Periods and Breaks:
In an effort to ensure matches progress within a reasonable time frame,
the following USTA standards will be used:
• Players are allowed a maximum of 25 seconds between points
• Players are allowed a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds when
changing sides of the court
• Players are allowed a 10 minute break between the second and third
• Players are allowed a one-time 3 minute injury timeout
• Play shall never be suspended, delayed or interfered with for the
purpose of enabling a player to recover his strength, breath, or
physical condition
• Players are allowed one emergency restroom visit per match, which
shall not exceed 5 minutes
Cell Phones:
Cell phones are not allowed on court. The first time your cell phone
rings during a point, your opponent has the option of replaying the
point. Each subsequent time your phone rings during play, your
opponent is awarded the point. If play is stopped to answer a phone call
a point is awarded to the opponent.
Scoring Disputes:
The information below is designed to assist players in resolving scoring
disputes, should they occur.
On Court Disputes:
The best way to avoid scoring conflicts is to call out the score clearly
before the start of each point as well as each game. When a scoring
dispute occurs, players must go back to the last point or game in which
they both agree upon the score and resume the match from there.
Example 1
Player A calls the score 30 to 15
Player B believes the score is 30 to 30
The last score they both can agree on is 15 to 15
Play resumes from 15 to 15
Example 2
Player A calls the game score of 4 games to 2
Player B states the game score is 3 games to 2
They last game score they agree on is 2 games to 2
Play resumes from 2 games to 2
Scores Reported Incorrectly:
You will be asked to verify scores once your opponent has submitted
them. If you choose not to verify, reject or update a score within one
week of its submission, the score will automatically be verified. Please
work out score disputes with your opponent. If you are in complete
disagreement regarding your scores and it comes to the attention of the
League, Tencap will take note of the people involved and will intervene
if such disputes become a consistent problem for certain individuals.
Confrontations or frequent disputes will be put in the players conduct
file. Neither player will receive points for the match if a score cannot be
agreed upon.
Code of Conduct:
Good sportsmanship begins by treating opponents with respect. The
tone of the match is set from the first call by an opponent, and lasts to
the final handshake over the net. This is a social League; it is first and
foremost about having fun and playing tennis.
Because matches are played without an official, players must abide by
an honor system and must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike
manner, both on and off the court. This includes:
• Responding timely to phone calls/emails from opponents related to
match scheduling
• Playing matches on time and reporting scores accurately within the
given time period
• Notifying opponents in advance when a match cannot be played for
any reason
• Arriving on time for matches
• Understanding the rules and applying them fairly and honestly
• Refraining from the use of profanity
Three Strike Conduct Policy:
Tencap is committed to providing quality opponents who follow the
rules and produce a positive overall match experience. Players who
elicit complaints or whose behavior is consistently offensive to other
members will be removed from the League. All players are subject to the
Three Strike Conduct Policy, to encourage sportsmanlike behavior
among players. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes:
• Being non-responsive to opponent's phone calls and or emails
• Difficulty with scheduling
• Repeated bad line calls
• Excessive questioning of line calls
• Excessive gamesmanship or distracting behavior
• Rude or argumentative behavior
• Verbal abuse towards an opponent
Tencap asks that unsportsmanlike behavior be reported to as soon as possible. Each valid complaint will
be placed in the player's conduct file and counts towards the Three
Strike process:
1st Complaint - Complaint is recorded
2nd Complaint - Player is contacted by phone and given a verbal
3rd Complaint - Player is suspended from Tencap Tennis Leagues for
one year.
Players returning after a one-year suspension are on a "One strike - zero
tolerance policy". ANY new complaints will result in a "Permanent
lifetime suspension" from the League.
Conduct Requiring Immediate League Suspension:
• Falsifying scores, which includes:
o Fabricating or changing match scores
o Reporting substitute matches that were not played
• Abusive language (verbal or written) towards Tencap staff
• Physical abuse
• Verbally threatening to use physical abuse
• Players subjected to threatening verbal abuse should issue a
warning to their opponent stating that their opponent is violating
the Code of Conduct and needs to stop their offensive behavior. If
any further abuse occurs, the offended player should leave and
report the violation to the League office immediately
Tencap Tennis will review any of the above listed offenses and make a
determination. If during the course of the review we determine that a
complaint is valid, the offending player will not only lose the match but
will be subjected to immediate and permanent suspension from the
Note: Players suspended from League play will not receive a refund or credit for the season
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