ISTTOUCH Screen Troubleshooting Guide If you have already

ISTTOUCH Screen Troubleshooting Guide
If you have already installed the IST Touch Screen drivers you will need to disable them
to use the windows Hyperterminal to communicate with the touch panel. This can be
done by clicking the UPDD tray icon and selecting the ‘Enabled’ option. The program
will then prompt you to confirm your selection.
UPDD Tray Icon
Once the drivers have been turned off, unplug the power to the touch panel and plug it
back in to cycle power.
A copy of Hyperterminal that is already configured to work with the touch panel is
located on the IST Driver disk, and can be opened by double clicking the icon.
If you do not have the driver disk you can access and configure Hyperterminal by
following theses step.
Once the program is opened this should be the first window that you see.
If instead of this you get a window that asks if you want to make Hyperterminal your
default telephony device just answer no and then you will get the Connection Description
window. You can name the connection anything you want, but you cannot leave it blank.
Press OK, and then you will get this.
COM1 is the default RS232 port but if you are using a USB adapter you may need to
check you port settings to see which port the Touch Panel is connected to.
Make sure that you COM port settings match what is above, and press OK. Then you
will get the open Hyperterminal window.
Make sure the connection is open and active. Unplug the power to the touch panel and
plug it back it. This will cause the panel to run through a self-test. If everything is
working fine you will see the following text in the Hyperterminal window.
y channels(000-159):
x channels(000-215):
End of Test (15)
Which shows that all LEDS are working. If you receive an output like this:
y channels(000-159):
x channels(000-215):
x 60:p 0 a( 0)
x 61:p 0 a( 0)
x 62:p 0 a( 0)
x 69:p 0 a( 0)
x 70:p 0 a( 0)
x 71:p 0 a( 0)
x 215:p 8 a( 0)
End of Test (15)
Then check to make sure that nothing is blocking the LEDS and run the test again.
Mounting the panel to close to the display screen can cause the logo or display bezel to
obstruct the touch panel beams. If it is possible I would suggest taking the Touch Panel
off of the display to be certain that nothing is obstructing the beams. Also with the Touch
Panel off you can look at the LEDS to see if any are damaged or bent.
Next, after cycling power press ESC and then T, one after the other 3 times. ESC and
then T, ESC and then T, ESC and then T. There is a rhythm to this and once you get it
the main menu screen will appear.
Then press M and then ENTER, this will bring another test mode. Using your finger or a
stylus run the perimeter of the touch panel, you should see coordinates of the LED beams
that you are activating as you go around.
The number will scroll down the screen, when you see numbers in ( ) that means that the
touch panel is no longer sensing the stylus. If the stylus is still breaking the beam, this is
considered a false break and you will examine the LEDS in that area for damage. Also, if
you see something like this:
This is a double break, and either you are accidentally breaking the beam somewhere
else, or more then one LED is sensing at once. If you see any false or double breaks the
unit is most likely damaged and will need to be sent back for service.
If you have further question regarding the Touch Screen please call IST customer service
at 1-866-TEAM-IST ext 123
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