DATABASES: Customers, Destination, Haulier Product,/Material, Source/Site, Vehicle
All of these form your database, they are found under the heading Data Files., or in the boxes along the
top of the Easyweigh screen. From here you can Add, Edit or Delete information when required.
To edit either double click on the name or
highlight and press enter.
Enter details required and then click on
the Add button this will then bring up
an Accept button click on this if you
want to keep the details on your
Click on the Product Pricing button shown to bring up the form showing on the
right, from here you can enter product codes, description and pricing. Click on
close to store information
These are the Destination,
Haulier and Material boxes
where information can be
Added Accepted or Deleted
for the database
This is how a customer can be
deleted through the source
database. When you have clicked
on delete you will be prompted to
make sure you want to delete the
information. Click on either Yes
or No
In the vehicle database when you
enter a new reg a box prompts you to
ask if you want to add to the database
if it a regular vehicle click Yes to
store or No if it is a one off
To enter a Tare Weight against a reg
no. enter the reg in the box press
enter. Click on the Weighed button
and enter the weight in the grey box
that appears, then click on Accept and
the tare weight will be stored. This
then means a 1st weighing will not be
required for this vehicle. You can also
enter details of the customer, no of
axles & haulier if required.
When you have entered the new reg
double click and then add any
information that may be required, click
on the Update button to store all the
information you have entered.
Auto and Manual Weighing :
Most weighings will be carried out on Auto. When the lorry is on the bridge click in the 1st weighing box,
this brings up a registration box, put in the vehicles registration, if it is in the database already the haulier
will be filled in automatically if not then it will ask you if you want to add to database click on Yes and
carry on with weighing. Enter product and any other information you want to then press the green Accept
button and the weighing will then be registered and stored ready for the 2nd weighing. The same applies to
a manual weighing the difference being you have to manually enter the weight that is showing on the
indicator, to do this click on the yellow Manual button and then the grey weight button and a Manual
Weight Entry box appears, enter the weight being shown on the indicator and press the accept button and
then click on the green Accept button the 1st weighing once again is stored awaiting 2nd weighing. A box
confirming this appears on the screen click OK if you wish to store the data.
If a tare weight has been allocated to a vehicle registration in the Vehicle Database there is no need
to do a 1st Weighing,
If you wish to make any comments or notes to be printed out onto
weighbridge ticket click on the comment box this opens up an area
for typing in any comments you want to make.
When the lorry is back on the bridge ready for the 2nd weighing click in the 2nd weighing
box, enter the vehicle reg or select from the drop down box and press accept reg. If on
Auto the weight will be automatically entered, if not click on the manual entry box and
then the weight box and again enter weight showing on indicator, click on the green
Accept button boxes will appear asking about transactions, and if cash account or not
click on either the Yes or No button. When these have all been answered the 2nd weighing
is now complete and a box appears to confirm this, click on Ok and a ticket is either
automatically printed out or is shown on the screen. The transaction is then stored in
Weighbridge ticket; these can be either printed out on A4 or A5 single, double or
three ply paper or onto pre printed paper.
Click on the Reports heading and
then click on Weighbridge ticket,
this will bring up the box shown
opposite put in the ticket number
you wish to view and click on
accept.This will then bring up a
copy of the weighbridge ticket on
the screen
Click on the reports heading and then click on Controller, from here, when you have put in your date
range, you can view all weighings processed during the dates entered
Click on the Utilities heading and then
on Amend This brings up an Amend
Ticket Data box as shown. You can
select by date or ticket number and
then edit the ticket and update. Click
on Exit to finish.
This picture shows the Report Directory
which appears when you click on the Select
by Date In the blue area click on the arrow
and a drop down box appears with the
customer/suppliers you wish to view
between the dates you have selected press
Accept and all the transactions for that date
and customer will appear on screen. From
here you can highlight the ticket you wish
to edit, make the changes and then click on
Click on accept button
to amend data
Under the Utilities heading click on Invoice reports, this brings up the box shown below,
this shows all transactions any changes required can be made and/or the report can be
printed out
Zones :
By clicking on the heading Zones you can make charges for
deliveries to different zones
Management files :
Under the Management heading click on Data Transfer a login box appears, put in
password and click ok, this will bring up a Sample Weight Control Box from here
you can Select all or Select by date If you choose by date a Date selector box
appears put in date and this allows you to view the Daily Downloads, you can then
save to file by clicking on the save to file box, selection boxes appear, choose
which one you require to save the information or press exit.
Login box to enter the Sample
weight control report from where
you can view the Daily downloads
either by selecting all or by
selecting a date
To create a CSV file you have to Select by Date
Date Selector box which appears
if you click on the select by date
Under the Management Heading click on Up load transactions this brings up a
CSV transaction upload box which takes in CSV files from stand alone systems..
This allows you to bring in transaction from the main site running Easyweigh and
view them from a second site which has Easyweigh installed via floppy disk etc.
If you click on Import
file box it brings up a
selection of ways to
transfer your data
Selection boxes from transferring
data or click on Exit to finish
Any transactions that may need deleting can be done by clicking on the Management heading
and then on Transactions after a password has been entered.
Operators can be named and allocated
a password in the Management heading
under Operator
Back ups can be made by clicking on the Back up box on the tool bar, from here you can back up
your data onto a Zip or Flash drive. You can select all transactions or select by date via the date
selector box
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