Introduction Specification Front I/O Pin Definition Screw Bag

Introduction Front I/O Pin Definition Thank you for choosing our product. The case is designed to fit mini‐iTX motherboard. USB 2.0 connector HD connector Specification Material ABS front panel / SECC body Motherboard Mini‐iTX (17cm x 17cm) Drive Bay External 5.25” x 1 Internal 3.5” x3 (one hidden) Cooling Fan Front: 12cm fan x 1 Rear: 8cm fan x 1 Front I/O USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, MIC x 1 Power supply 300W Expansion Slot 1 Dimension 350mm(D) x 200mm(W) x 213mm(H) Expansion Card Up to 265mm expansion card Screw Bag contains 1.
Cable Tie, 80mm===>3pcs Screw, 6#*5===>6pcs Screw, M3*4===>8pcs Screw, 6#*6===>8pcs 3. 3.5” and 2.5” HDD Installation 1. System Installation 1.1 Remove the side panel hand screw, and then take down the side panel. 3.1 Open Front Panel; take out the tray, then place the HDD in position. 3.2 After positioning, secure the screws from the back. 2. ODD Installation 2.1 Open Front Panel; Slide in ODD, then screw the ODD into position. 3.3 Slide in the tray in position after installation, and close the tray by pressing the handle. 3.4 Find the 4‐Pin Molex on the power supply and connect it to the backplane. 3.5 Connect the backplane to motherboard with SATA cable. 4. Expansion Slot (for Audio or Video): 4.1 One expansion slot at rear for easy installation of the add‐on card 4‐Pin Molex (IDE) SATA 3.6 Hidden HDD: Unscrew the screw and open the cabinet tray, installation can proceed. 4.2 The picture shows when 3.5”HDD is installed. 3.7 Screw the HDD on the bottom of the tray (both 3.5”and 2.5”HDD are available), slide in the HDD tray, and hook up the power connection cable to MB. 4.3 The picture shows when 2.5”HDD is installed. 5. Front 12cm inhaling fan and the back 8cm exhaling fan are designed for better ventilation and thermal control: 5.1, The front 12cm fan will automatically inhale cool air into the system drives when the power is on, and the heat will exit from the side panel or sucked out by the 8cm fan at rear. 6. Cable / Wire Arrangement: 6.1 Use the cable tie that is in the accessory screw bag, arrange the cables to tie along with the chassis, to make sure air ventilation is not affected. NOTE
5.2 The 8cm fan at rear directly get power 1. This manual is not designed to cover CPU, RAM or supply from the PSU Add‐on card installation. on top, to simplify the arrangement of 2. Please make sure your Motherboard supports different cables. HOT SWAP function. (ie. AHCI mode) Caution: Please check the system fan regularly to make sure it’s functioning properly. Recommendation of immediate change is required when the fan is malfunctioned. 3. Please remember to reset your BIOS to allow HOT SWAP function.