Motorized remote racking for breaker and auxiliary compartments

Motorized remote racking (MR2)
Metal-clad switchgear
Motorized remote racking for breaker
and auxiliary compartments with
breaker controls
Eaton’s MR2 motorized remote racking system provides
a means to remotely rack any VCP-W drawout circuit
breakers and/or auxiliary drawers used in metal-clad
switchgear. The MR2 system can also be utilized to
open and close the breaker remotely, using the pendant.
The addition of the MR2 system helps mitigate arc
flash exposure and improve productivity for the user.
Enhance safety and
Metal-clad switchgear with breaker in withdrawn position
Using a single remote pendant,
the MR2 permits the operator
to safely move a VCP-W breaker
or auxiliary drawer between
pre-determined positions within
the compartments and open/
close the breaker. Standing
outside the arc flash boundary
of the switchgear, an operator
can use the pendant to select
Disconnect, Test or Connect
positions for the circuit breaker,
Disconnect or Connect positions
for the auxiliary drawer or open/
close the breaker.
Arc flash protection required
Arcing faults create a violent
explosion, resulting in an inferno
of ionized gases, molten debris,
metal shrapnel and a flash of
light (an arc flash). Inside a
switchgear system, an arc
event can dislodge compartment
doors and turn hardware into
high-speed projectiles.
There is a rising demand to
protect personnel from the
dangers of potential arc flash
occurrences by increasing the
distance between an operator
and the front of a switchgear
lineup during changes to
the switchgear.
Available outside the arc
flash zone
Available for all VCP-W
breakers in metal-clad
medium-voltage switchgear
at 5, 15, 27 and 38 kV
Available for auxiliary drawers
at 5 and 15 kV
Operator can use the MR2
pendant to open and close
the breaker remotely
30 ft cord length between
pendant and switchgear
All circuit breaker and
auxiliary compartment safety
interlocks remain intact per
IEEET C37.20.2
Per NFPA-70ET standard,
working outside the arc flash
zone allows for PPE reduction
Intelligently designed
Built-in logic to detect
interference, provide
suggested corrective actions
and prevent operation until the
error has been cleared
Can be integrated into
switchgear secondary control
circuits, (SCADA) systems,
ModbusT interface or
discrete wiring
Intelligent input/output
(I/O) controls allow users
to connect or disconnect
individual auxiliary
Pendant will override remote
communication system
controls when plugged into
a specific circuit breaker or
auxiliary MR2 port
The MR2 system tracks
and logs racking records to
simplify the scheduling of
equipment maintenance
Available as a field retrofit
Highly reliable and efficient
Powered from an internal CPT,
when available, or a customer
supplied external 120 Vac
power source
Motor, logic controller and
safety interlocks are built into
the compartments
Dynamic break and torque
limiter have been incorporated
to improve reliability
Factory installed and tested
as a complete racking
system incorporating the
circuit breakers and auxiliary
MR2 pendant can be used
interchangeably to rack
both breakers and auxiliary
Permanently installed system
eliminates the need to lift,
manipulate and align heavy,
bulky equipment that is stored
between service intervals
Maintains the ability to
manually rack circuit breakers
and auxiliary drawers
Auxiliary compartment in withdrawn position
to activate
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