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Horizontal Cable Managers
Single cover provides an easy
method for keeping patch cord
bundles out of sight for
improved aesthetics
Multi-Access Horizontal Cable Manager
Large areas, with rounded edges, for
cables to enter/exit managers
S110®/S210® Cable Manager
Unique design allows easy
insertion of additional patch
cords while retaining existing
Slots located on rear of
manager are designed for
use with hook and loop
managers for rear cable
Color matched covers included with all
19 inch S110®/S210® managers
provide a clean installation
WM Series Cable Manager
Standard managers have top cable
access to enable full utilization of
RS Series Horizontal Cable Manager
Designed for use with Siemon’s RS
Series Rack and Vertical Patching
Channel. Hinged cover extends
across the vertical channels to fully
conceal patch cords in the VPC
Vertical cable management enables easy, quick
addition and removal of patch cords while
effectively retaining them through the channel
When mounted on a 19 inch rack-mount panel
our S110/S210 cable managers provide superior
cable management in a compact space
The double-side multi-access cable manager
provides cable management for both front and
rear of the rack and includes removable cover
The Siemon Company offers a complete range of 19 inch horizontal cable management
products for proper routing of copper patch cords, cross-connect wires or fiber jumpers.
Each manager has been designed to maximize the quantity of cables within the space
requirements. A wide range of designs and sizes are available to accommodate any
patching environment.
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WM Series Rack Mount Cable Managers:
The WM series cable managers provide increased strength and to eliminate interference with panels mounted above or below. They
are an economical solution for providing a clean and simple means of organizing small-to-large bundles of cables and patch cords.
WM-143-5..................Five S143
hangers, 1U
WM-144-5..................Five S144
hangers, 2U
WM-145-5..................Five S145
hangers, 2U
Multi-access Horizontal Cable Managers:
The multi-access horizontal cable manager design provides cable management for both the front and rear of the rack, is compact in
size (1 RMS). The managers feature high capacity slots for entering and exiting cables with a single piece removable cover.
RWM-1 .......................Single-sided horizontal, with cover,1U
RWM-1DS...................Double-sided horizontal, with covers,1U
19 inch S110®/S210® Cable Managers:
When mounted on a 19 inch panel for rack installation, our S110-RWM and S110-RWM2 cable managers provide superior cable
management in a compact space. Covers are included with the cable managers to provide a clean patching environment.
S110-RWM-01 ............1U, with covers, black
S110-RWM2-01 ..........2U, with covers
RS Series Horizontal Cable Managers:
Designed for use with Siemon’s RS Series Rack and Vertical Patching Channels.
RS3-RWM(X)-2* . . . . . . .Single Sided 19” cable manager, 2U,
dual hinged/removable cover
RS3-RWM(X)-4 . . . . . . . .Single Sided 19” cable manager, 4U,
dual hinged/removable cover
Use (X) to specify finger length:
Blank = 4”(101.4mm) fingers, for use with VP1 or VP2 cabinets
6 = 6” (152.4mm) fingers, for use with VP2 cabinets only
SS-CBM Rev. G 4/12
RS3-RWM-1* . . . . . . . . .Single Sided 19” cable manager, 1U,
dual hinged/removable cover
Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.
S110® and S210® are trademarks of Siemon
Note: 1U = 44.5mm (1.75 in.)
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